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Compatibility signs Virgo and Sagittarius

Where are supported

The analytical Virgo and the philosophical Sagittarius are to be found in a partner that they can talk about for hours of everything from world politics to the problems of children with their parents.

The conversation is an aphrodisiac for both signs and, after the other “big talk”, the sensual Sagittarius draws quickly to Virgo in the bedroom.


It's probably better that you may be friends with the right to rubbing: your signs can be friends and remain so for years. If you're married, you'll have to make many compromises, which may include even living separate and meet at a distance for a while.

Natural health and the global activism are common topics. Login via adventures significant as a marathon charity, digging wells in Africa, and celebrating the New Year with a yoga retreat in Japan.

Where you clash

These competitions are intellectually stimulating and can be rapidly cooled. Once you get between the sheets, begin to arise their different styles.

Sensual and serious, Virgo is generous in bed, and you can spend hours enjoying the hedonistic Sagittarius. When the time comes to return the favor, Sagittarius has gone to bed with a smile of the cat in the face.

The traditional Virgo likes to take her time, while the future Sagittarius is always on the way. It is possible that Virgo never feel safe in this combination, while Sagittarius will feel anchored by the necessity of routine, order, and stability of the Virgo cluster.

Virgo is Earth, Sagittarius is Fire

Treat with care. This combination of astrological loving so different you can thrive if you use your strong points to their favor. The earth signs seek stability and you want to cast roots.

On the contrary, the Fire signs adventurers are eager to explore, develop and enter into new territories. When one of you strives for freedom and the other for the immutability, there will be discussions.

The fire signs are made to feel caught up in the fantasy of the white fence, while the earth signs can never break off from the constant change and surprise.

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But if you learn to appreciate your differences, you'll be able to provide what the other person is missing. The Fire signs secular will have a base of operations predictable to which to return, cared for with affection for his partner to be a sign of Earth. To change, the Earth signs will prevent the stagnation, while Fire signs will encourage growth and adaptation.

Also together you can learn for a lifetime and never run out of things to talk about.

The Earth signs are sensual and practical, and impulsive Fire signs can take advantage of its closeness to the earth. In this sense, the Fire signs can learn to slow down and enjoy the moment, instead of rushing after the next big thing.

Fire signs can help the earth signs get more out of life. Think of the nature: dust can drown the fire, and the fire can burn the earth.

But to light a fire and to increase your creative power, you must have a solid base under the flame.

Virgo and Sagittarius signs are unstable

Do you like to take charge and have a plan, or prefer to go with the flow?

This can turn your life into a great adventure: this week you are in Bali and the next one in Berlin, but also can completely disconnect as a duo. Who will create the structure in this relationship?

Make a decision (or even a commitment) can also be tricky, because any of the two likes to commit to something so permanent.

This is a couple that has been together for decades, but never decided to marry. The idea of freedom is, in reality, a bond of union between the two.


Of course, it is a bit paradoxical, but your sign likes. So, the signs mutants are excellent for communication and discovery. Therefore, together they can learn during their whole life and never-ending issues of which to speak.

Behavior between Virgo and Sagittarius

In addition, on a bad day, it can be tough, frivolous and overwhelmed: their own independent life may be crowded with too many projects, plans and friends, which makes it difficult to find enough time for coexistence.

Finally, be careful not to distract you too much in this marriage for love. Together you can learn for a lifetime and you will never be short of topics of conversation.

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