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What is the Tarot Angelic and how does it work? There are several different approaches on this topic. To start, I'm going to make a bold statement. I believe that the Tarot was given to us by the angelic world to help our spiritual growth. The track is most important is contained in the Arcanum XIV (Temperance), the letter of alchemy of the soul of the deck.

The Archangel Raziel, according to my understanding, is the Angel that gave the Tarot to humanity. The reference of the rainbow to Raziel in the Arcane XIV can be found in several decks of Tarot (for example, the image of the Tarot Margarete Petersen above). Temperance has to do with the four Elements of the suits of the Minor Arcana which are blended in perfect harmony with the Spirit (Major Arcana) to produce the fullness, according to the numerology (14=1+4).

I don't apologize for not being able to provide historical evidence to support my argument. The occultists French of the EIGHTEENTH century, as well as authors and more modern (mainly men), have made claims much more bold. This is information that has come to us as a result of a revelation. To see if it is true for you, try seeing how it sits this discovery in your own soul.

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