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Venus enters Scorpio

Venus, the planet that governs love and relationships, plus, it is immersed in the waters emotional Scorpio this weekend. 

When Venus is in Scorpio, your sign adverse., therefore, this is because Venus is associated with all things beautiful.

Venus is the embodiment of goodness and grace, we like to cooperate and share, to be beautiful and harmonious. However, when Venus enters Scorpio, enters the underworld, in the dark places, in what is underneath.


Venus in Scorpio – Passion and power

Venus in Scorpio is, therefore, a seductress, a powerful woman of the zodiac, a woman sensual, you want all the forbidden.

This covers all of the emotions, both the good and the bad. It may be a Venus jealous, wanting what they can't have, obsessed with love, overwhelmed by temptation.

This is a face of the seduction of Venus Scorpio. But Venus governs both the art and love, and Venus in Scorpio finds beauty in the decay, death, and everything fades.

In addition, remember that Scorpio governs the power and transformation. So this is a great transit for women, which allows them to channel their feminine energy in extraordinary acts of transcendence.

The task of Scorpio is to decide how to use their power, not to drown in the wrong, but to use their power for the good of the world.


Venus and women

In addition, the Venus symbol is the symbol of the planet for the woman. Therefore, in recent years, Venus in Scorpio has coincided with important developments in the feminist movement.

Already this year there has been a great crisis in the world, with women at the centre. Therefore, con Venus in Scorpio, there may arise the issue of the oppression of women.

Therefore, keep in mind that Venus in Scorpio has some planetary aspects relevant in the next few weeks. This is the order.

  • Venus square Saturn (authority / rules) – September 10, 2021
  • Venus opposite Uranus (rebellion / cleavage) – September 23, 2021
  • Venus trine Neptune (hope / dreams) – September 29, 2021
  • Venus square Jupiter (liberty / beliefs) – September 30, 2021
  • Venus sextile Pluto (strength / transformation) – 2 October 2021


However, we can expect that the issues of women all over the world to be strong and to be in the foreground now and in the coming weeks. Venus remains in Scorpio until 7 October.

Finally, Venus in Scorpio is a reminder that women need to feel empowered and are not oppressed.

On A personal level, check to see if the time has come to claim your passions, your hidden depths, your entire emotional range. Empodérate and harness the power of Venus in Scorpio.

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