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Reading tarot when you are incredulous

When I started reading tarot, I was proud to be far from a skeptic. At that time, this was more a defense mechanism than a trait to be healthy: I wanted to protect myself from being wrong, as if my beliefs might make me vulnerable to criticism.

Of course, this is partially true. Any belief might be subject to question. And, in fact, any belief should be questioned in my opinion.


However, there seems to be a division raw and useless between intuition and rationality, one that often prevents people with sensitive and equipped with intuitively explore this side of themselves.

Looking for certainties

I would like to address this issue head-on, because I think that a long time ago that should do it. Now, a note: some people do not have this problem at all! This publication is for those who somehow feel excluded from the community or spiritual practices, spiritual / intuitive because they are not 100% sure what you think and what is real. To them I say, welcome!

In all my years of reading tarot, I have never experienced a 100% certainty. In fact, in my whole life I have never experienced a 100% certainty. It is not necessary to have a functional theory or an understanding of how the tarot (or intuition or spirituality) to work with him.

I also suspect of any one who boasts of such knowledge. One of the most beautiful things of the tarot and the intuition is that it invites us to explore and be part of the mystery. Nor do we need to explain everything to benefit from it.

One of my facets favorite to be a reader of tarot professional is to see how people who are more cautious with the tarot as a practice, are actually quite talented to do this.

The tarot works best with questions. It is about finding patterns, question our beliefs and positions, and find new paths to follow. It is intended to open up possibilities, not to reduce our lives to a single prophecy or response.

When it comes to the tarot, or our intuition with questions, learn more about it in our own wisdom and a broader perspective.

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The habit of reading the tarot

Although I have been reading tarot for almost twenty years, I discovered that my practice is not solely has strengthened my intuition, but also my intellect.

I am not closer to a unified theory of “how” it works the tarot or what is the intuition. Rather, I've learned to ask better questions, my skepticism has been balanced with the possibility of the unknown.

I have experienced first-hand that grow this side of myself, let shock intuitive or interpretations that I can't explain, it has increased my ability to appear in my life, it has sharpened my mind and has made me a person more humble (and effective).

I like to tell people that any tarot reading is only one source of information. Rarely we make decisions about a single thing.

When we do a reading or consult our intuition in a more general way, only we have a voice in a choir of entry. There is research, advice from friends and professionals, good pros and cons to the former, the list goes on and on.

The fact that we are referring to our intuition doesn't mean that we are discarding everything else, and we should not. You're not delivering your letter of “rational human being” when you read the tarot, you're only letting in an integral part of our identity as human intuition.

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I ask questions to deepen it, not to cover the backs. I am also a spiritual person is deeply intuitive that reads the tarot. All of these aspects of my identity do that, in my best time, " be humble, aware, connected and challenged.

How can I offer to people who, in the best of cases, are at the limit or, at worst, they are hostile (although if you're reading this post, I think that you're safe)... Welcome to our medium do you work tarot? It's time to make a list:

Use the tarot in accordance with your belief system current

Does not need to be a member of the community of the superbuenos – I'm not, and I am a tarot reader professional! Let the cards guide you. If you don't believe in angels or spirits guide, great.

You can see the tarot as a tool to access your subconscious mind. The cards do not have a fixed system. You can choose how to work with them.

Embrace your curiosity

I think that the tarot is a tool so popular because it encourages us to break out of our patterns of thought common. Have fun with what you have in mind and allow yourself to play with interpretations, contexts, and ideas.

Help to be separated from the result and realize that reading is reading. You don't have to share it if you're not prepared for it and doesn't get you excited.

Experience with reading tarot and/or hit intuitive: the tarot is a tool poetic and verbal, is not designed to give us clear answers and messages easy to interpret.

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In fact, there is no right or wrong way of interpreting the cards, and ten tarotistas professionals will give you ten different interpretations of the same letters.

Taking this into account, allow yourself some leeway in their reading. Try how to develop interpretations in real life, don't bet the horse, the stakes are small.

In addition, you will get a real confirmation of its knowledge. Even those that are not true will be your intuition.

Let that mistake, after all, you're learning. (with the tarot, you'll always be learning!) As I've said, what is at stake is a little. Unless you have large balances, you leave your work and bet the house, you have nothing to lose.

When things go wrong, try to find out how you felt when you made the connection, and uses that knowledge in the future.

I hope I have helped anyone who has doubts or hesitations about the tarot and intuition in general.

Can you help us to share?

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