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The readings of the tarot is based on the concept of the cards can be used to understand current and future conditions of the querent.

Some people believe that the cards act as a guide for them, while others feel that the cards help them to connect with a community awareness.

The spins are one of the most frequently used strategies, being the spin of the Celtic Cross, one of the most popular.

The Magía Tarot

It is useful to highlight the character clearly subjective query of any situation with a reading of the cards of the tarot, since this query will be different from a tarot reader to another, which makes it impossible to make a scientific description of the system used, and leads some people to believe that the tarot is completely useless.

Objectively, is in turn a deck of cards shuffled at random and spread out face down in a certain order, and assign a value (or meaning) to each letter in function of its relative position in the table and on relationship with the cards adjacent to; in consequence, the cards can't say anything about a particular subject because the tarot reader interprets them.

It's so difficult to determine the meaning of a letter in relation to the other, the interpretation of each spin is unique, which makes it a real art.

In the same way, this complexity of interpretation makes it difficult for some tarotistas fans or amateurs to predict future events or to give meaningful answers to a consultant in many circumstances.

  Select 3 cards and focus on what you want. Then click on ver resultado.

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