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The fool's card

The Fool represents a young man who moves happily for the world, takes his first steps, giddy, happy, and excited. 

With nothing more than a small sack, is not aware of the possible dangers that are in your way. In fact, soon he would face the first of these possible dangers, as if he gave a step more will fall by the edge of the cliff that had already arrived. 

But this does not seem to bother and we're not sure if it is simply naive or if you don't realize. The dog follows him, he is warning that, if you do not start to think in your environment soon, may you never have the adventure that dreams are made of.

The meaning of the Fool to the right

the crazy

The letter from the Fool represents the number 0, which is considered to be a number with unlimited potential. 

It is considered a blank slate because the dude has not yet developed a clear personality. It is a symbol of innocence: your path back to continue shaping their character.

The encounter with the Madman often means the start of a new journey, and feeling full of optimism and free of the usual limitations of life. When we know him, sees each day as an adventure, in an almost infantile form. 

To believe that everything is possible in life and that the world is full of possibilities waiting to be explored and developed. He wore a simple life and carefree and didn't seem to worry about not being able to say what I would discover later.

The encounter with him during the reading might also be seen as an appeal to the part of the adventurer of his own personality. It is inspiring because it understands that every day is an opportunity to discover new areas of your life, which involves a mixture of anticipation, awe, wonder and curiosity. 

The Fool is there to show that you never know what's going to happen and that can only be tackled with joy.

The Crazy law in love 

When this card appears in the divination of the Tarot of Love, you must be prepared for a new adventure. 

The meaning of the Tarot card of the Fool in love suggests that you need to gain new experiences to find the romance you are looking for. 

Be willing to take risks and be brave enough to broaden their view of the world, and you'll find love in the most unlikely. You can expect surprises.

As the Fool represents the beginning of a new journey, the meaning in love can be an indicator of a new relationship.

As in any new relationship, you may fear rejection, but this letter shows that this should not stop you. If you open yourself to the world, even if you feel ashamed, embarrassed, or rejected, you may find what you are looking for. 

In terms of love and relationships, Crazy tells us to trust and believe that everything will be okay. Tells us not to give up, but let's keep trying, though, and that is to look at the world with innocence and curiosity. 

The meaning of the Tarot card of the Fool in love is to promote the innocence and positivity, with eyes wide open.

The dude on the right in the work

When the Fool appears in your tarot card of the work, a new path is about to arise. 

If you want to start a new career, change jobs, get a promotion, or even set up your own business, the crazy can be a sign of welcome for you to start your new path.

 Even if there are no new drastic changes imminent or planned, this card can be like a breath of fresh air to the old projects. 

Can be filled with a new energy and implement new innovative ideas. What's important now is to be aware of the opportunities that exist and to have the courage to seize them when they arise.

The dude on the right in finance

In regards to finances, you may be at a stage of spontaneous and idealistic. 

Everything that you spend now may be to adventure and discovery: do you want to travel or learn a new skill? Now you can easily finance these purchases. 

You may feel that you have all you need, so that you do not care about the bills and can focus more on expansion, and feelings of curiosity.

The meaning of the crazy upside down

the fool reversed

When the locomotive is reversed in a reading, you can usually find your traits more negative appearing

This may mean that you are ignoring the consequences of their actions and are simply behaving like a fool. As the young man depicted in the card, do not see how dangerous that is the position in which it is located.

A letter from the crazy backwards may suggest that you are living in the present moment and you're not planning for the future, it's a warning that you have to be more careful to not take advantage of it. 

This letter is here to warn you about anything that may seem too good to be true.

The importance of Crazy upside down in the Tarot: Love

When the locomotive is reversed in a tarot reading lovethis card can indicate that your nature confident and bright may need to be tempered with a dose of caution.

Especially when it comes to a new lover, make sure that everything is as it seems. Is it possible that now you see the love through glasses of pink and not be able to see a clear picture of the relationship.

The meaning of the Tarot card Crazy upside-down inside the love you can also suggest that you or your lover may be too immature to handle a relationship truly loving at this time.

Meaning of crazy upside down on the work

You may have all the energy of the world and the desire to use that energy, however, you may not have sufficient perception to do so in a reckless manner. 

You try to be more aware of how your actions are affecting your peers in this moment and think before you act

Other times, a crazy upside down can suggest that your current job feels outdated and boring and you may feel that it is time for a change. 

Sometimes, this suggests that you may be blocked to chase it really, or you should consider these plans very carefully before you make a decision of this type. There may be more at play than what you see today.  

Meaning of crazy upside down in the finance

When it comes to your finances, the crazy backhand can point to financial opportunities, but be careful not to act rashly.

 This means that you should investigate before committing the money, and that can have consequences that are not yet known. This period may also indicate an error in your financial decisions; all of your impulse purchases add up to more than you really can afford, so you need to take a closer look and realistic to your bank account.

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