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Equinox, sun enters Libra

On the 22nd day of September, is the solar equinox, when day and night are the same length. The Sun enters Libra, the sign of balance. 

A time of harmony in which the seasons begin to change and move, in which nature is in perfect balance.


This month, look for these moments and hold on to them. The planets collide (not literally), but they are uncomfortable geometric patterns in the sky. There will be tensions and conflicts, but there will also be opportunities and growth.

A walk in the light cool and quiet of this morning, where nature is still and silent, provides a sense of balance and harmony, if only for a moment. Back to the busy streets, the noise of traffic and the shouts of the kids on the way to school disturb the calm.

The station of Pound

Often writes about the first solstice of march of each year, when the Sun begins its yearly journey through the zodiac at 0 degrees of Aries. However, this second solstice is just as important.

Like Aries is thrown into the life and embraces everything new, Libra marks the beginning of a new season, but the soft and subtle.


Libra is a sign associated with balance and harmony, and the symbol of this sign is the scales. Therefore, this is the perfect time to consider what you will nourish and feed you in the future and how to find balance in your life.

The northern hemisphere need to slow down, spend time in nature and enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn.

A moment of pause and reflection

This is the mid-point of the year. So, take a pause to reflect on the six months that have passed since the Sun entered Aries on march 20. It has been a year of strange and unique. Some of us have been imprisoned, others have gone out of jail and life continues.

How far it has come in the last six months and where you want to go now? Take advantage of a time of year to reflect on where you're going, what you love, what you want and need, what you ask for, what you can offer and what you can give to others.

Reorders your life, seek balance and harmony and align with new values that will support you and take you through the second half of the zodiacal year.

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