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Compatibility of signs, Aries and Aquarius

Where are supported

This pair of high octane is full of adventure, outrageous humor and fun. If you don't have chemistry between them, it would still be friends.

In fact, their relationship might have remained in the area platonic for years before either of the two recognized deepest feelings.

Intellectually, you are a perfect pair, since both of you enjoy with avant-garde concepts with a touch of science fiction. The laid back nature of Aquarius gives comfort to the rider of Aries, and the two of you spend most of your time in flip-flops and bathing suits. Aries pushes Aquarium to live a life with more passion.

aries 3


Where you clash

Although I like to discuss, both have a strong temper that can erupt at any moment. Before you start to mock or play on a theme, check the mood of the other.

Aries despises the crowds (not to be acting in front of them).

The Aquarium aims to build an extended family of ten thousand friends. Aquarius will require you to be more receptive to the people who this Aquarium.

Aquarium must stop allowing uninvited guests from interrupting the romantic nights.

Aquarius is the sign of air, while Aries is the sign of fire

Let start the good times! Both fire signs as the air full of large projects and plans, and both are adventurous, expressive and full of big plans and projects.

There should be a lot of appointments and plans pleasant in this couple of love astrology. The two are willing to try anything. Are not only lovers, but also friends sympathetic “to mean” in various ways.

love 1

In reality, this relationship can arise organically from a link platonic initial.

Once past the honeymoon phase, the ratio can be reduced to an environment of friends, brothers, or sisters, as both fire signs as the air are delighted with the novelty, and bored when things become too familiar.

Although it may not be the couple's most enjoyable in the bedroom, the discussions, the funny jokes and spontaneous experiences that they share can satisfy in other ways.

Behavior of Aries and Aquarius

The main difference between their elements is that the air signs are more impulsive, emotional and expressive, while fire signs are more impulsive, and distant brain.

The air signs are more oriented to the “head”, while fire signs are more oriented to the “heart”.

When a conflict arises, the air sign will want to discuss it objectively, what may appear to be cold and indifferent to the couple of the sign of fire, and can wander off or get defensive, worsening the air sign solution-oriented.

The fire sign can be exhausting at times, have a lot of energy! The fire sign will lose patience if the sign of air is immersed in the paralysis of analysis. (“Just do something!”, exclaims the fire.)

The air can help a sign of fire to spread in the nature, in the same way that a companion of the air sign can stoke the flames of passion of a fire sign.

The fire signs help the signs of air to heat up and risk warming the icy air. Another situation of fire-air is to turn off a candle: just a gust of wind in the wrong direction to turn the flame off.

Aries is a cardinal sign, while Aquarius is a fixed sign

The “qualities” or “triplicidades” in astrology reflect your involvement in a relationship or partnership. What kind of person you are: an initiator, an executor or a finalizer? Do you prefer to be in control and have a plan, or you prefer to let things happen as they can? Both are of quality “cardinal” or triplicity in astrology.

aquarius 2

Both cardinal signs as fixed and have the ability to “take the lead” in their own right. The cardinal signs want to take the lead and initiate things, which is acceptable provided that it does not step on the territory of the fixed sign.

The nature of the energy fixed is to stay there and to oppose the change until it is absolutely essential. The fixed signs are fixed in their habits, while the cardinal signs are a little more fluid, but just as stubborn.

The cardinal sign can bring many new ideas or, what is worse, try to “improve” on the ideas of the fixed sign offering a critique is not requested.

This feedback, however well intentioned, can put in danger the pride of the fixed sign, resulting in a large clash of egos.

If the cardinal sign you want to perform the same every week, the fixed sign, it may seem “boring”. The fixed sign will have to be more receptive to the “modern” that “tested” in this loving union. It will be better than the fixed sign clean up and go when the cardinal sign get reservations at a new restaurant, resort, club, or fashion event.

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