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Tarot of Work

It is not necessary to be an excellent reader to locate the answers in the tarot. We toyed with, and distribute the tarot deck Master Astrology Answers. Are you ready?

Meaning of the cards of the work

You are going to work for a long time, so why not have fun while you're at it? How do you know if you're in the right job or if you should go to another site?

These are the questions that you will read today.

Chart 1: how I will be rich soon?

Here you set your career goals. This is the place to ask if you'll get the job or the promotion/increase you deserve. Instead of asking whether you will find normally a job, ask for a company to specify or a financial opportunity.

This letter will show your chances, and will provide a comprehensive response of yes or no. If this is a letter positive of abundance and fortune, you can be sure that things are going well economically. If this letter is not ideal for you, you are showing that you have work to do or that there is something better out there for you. Take note of this letter.

The hard work has its reward at the end. Decisions about money and work do not tend to be easy, but the tarot can help you make decisions that are faithful to your heart.

Letter 2: What career options I should investigate?

This letter will show you the following steps based on the answer of the last letter. The second letter of this spread helps you clearly understand your alternatives.

When you take this letter, carefully consider what you want out of your job possibilities.

Remember that this letter does not imply that you have to change jobs, or suggests that your current job is excellent for you. This letter tells your options; if you want to stay, will reveal unexpected circumstances. This letter will show you things to think about prior to making any decision that alters his life.

Card 3: What do allies or financial barriers I have to face?

It is the last letter of this game. Unlike the first two cards, this prepares you for the future with suggestions and tactics of energy.

For example, it is possible to enjoy your job but it costs you only pay the bills, or that you earn enough money, but you feel dissatisfied in your work. The Tarot understands all about love, family, and fortune.

This card teaches you to adapt to change course. It is a harbinger of what is to come, a look at the future, and occasionally to the people who will help or hinder your progress.

But remember that nothing is written in stone. The best of the Tarot is that we can choose how we respond to the messages of the cards. The Tarot reading can reveal the easy way to your heart, your soul and your wallet.     

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