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The card of spades

If there is one card in the entire Tarot that scares people, it is the sword. The images alone are enough to create a haunting sense of despair.

In this suit, and swords trapping people, jump on their heads, and pass through the heart. Many of the images show women blindfolded or using swords as weapons of destruction, as in The ten of swords, where men are literally stabbed in the back and lie in a puddle of his own blood. The Queen of Swords is called even the Mark of the Widow.

queen of swords

The sword and the beliefs

The letters of the sword, however, are the key to your own freedom. These letters are almost always related to our mentality and the deep histories that we tell ourselves about our own worth, our abilities and our closest relations.

The self-limiting beliefs and fears tend to creep into our dreams and in the waking life. Prevent us from taking the stage to sing at the karaoke, apply for the perfect job or invite to come out to that friend in common that makes our heart beat faster.

The swords are also associated to the elements of interpersonal relationships of our life that we can avoid.

Does your partner maintains the distances? Does the environment in your team is tense? Are you avoiding your best friend, but you don't know why?

These letters often point to the hard work we do to overcome relationships or harmful habits that begin in the mind and end up forming part of the manifest world.

Four swords that can help you to move forward instead of staying stagnant

ace of spades


In the first place, this set tells you that punting your mind and start thinking in a more positive way. The fears, the nightmares and concerns only prevent you from healing and moving forward.

Meditate on this, keep a sleep schedule, healthy, and let go of the alcohol to be able to think more clearly. Then, he begins to rewrite your inner monologue that is more in harmony with your inner child and your higher purpose.

Take the time to communicate

Address the problems in his personal relationships, and sit down to discuss these difficult issues. This set is the personification of the air, hence the attention and communication.

Think of Libra and Gemini, in general, love to talk and communicate. Sit down with your partner and talk your obstacles and pains. Make an appointment with a colleague or to call a friend in which he has been thinking, but you haven't contacted in a month. You will feel better and you will understand the context of your relationship.

Be open to new possibilities

The swords go through old expectations and scenarios. The Ace of Swords heralds new habits insightful, leave behind unhealthy relationships and move forward. This sword also appears in the charter of Justice, suggesting that the truth will become clear, so that works! Face your deepest fears and get to work mentally.

Meditation and journal

Given that the sign of the sword is so associated with spirituality, it is time to sit and do homework. Keep a journal and record your feelings, with the utmost sincerity as possible. He meditates and uses a mantra healing. Write down your dreams and think of the lessons that you teach.

The sword will set you free, but will require a complete change of thought and communication. This is what makes this deck is so scary and it is probably the most instructive part of the same.

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