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Compatibility of signs Sagittarius, and Sagittarius

Where are supported

As sagitarianos, are world travelers and brave entrepreneurs who inspire each other to see the glass as full of possibilities of life.

As an eternal learner, and spiritual seekers, your relationship can turn around exploration, expansion and experimentation. To the devil with the conventions, it is not possible.

Both do not like being bound or limited in any way. You are so open that an “open relationship” is often the least of the options to discuss.


This is a proposal dangerous, since it can lead you to someone with whom you have a chemistry loving, more electric. Good and loving, if rompéis, probably you will still be friends for life.

However, the emotional connection that you can't be replaced. From the first day, to feel lost family members.

Where you clash

But twin souls can cool down to become the vibrations of brothers platonic if not created, at least some of the traditions and conventions to anchor your relationship in any structure.

Note: You may have the temptation of having children as a way to solidify your link, but if you're not willing to “endure” in this moment, your soul nomad will suffer with the children.

Sure to become a father or mother in a different way: when your children are five years, they will have more stamps in their passports than the average citizen collects in your entire life.

Sagittarius is a fire sign

The heating is on! Your sun signs are both elements of fire. This combination exothermic can go from zero to soul mate in seconds, since that will recognize a soul mate in this loving couple matched astrologically.

However, once they turn on their lust, they may lose control ... Or of a release to another. Your temperament can be as hot as the fire, so that while you can make waves in the sheets, their discussions can be legendary.

Remember: the civilization began when humans learnt how to create, maintain and control the fire. Cooked our food, kept us warm and fed them all. But by its very nature, the fire does not want to be controlled, nor the elephant in the fire.

In addition, in this relationship, there must be space for individuality, exploration and autonomy within safe limits. Therefore, the commitment and compliance must be addressed with care.

This duo exothermic can go from zero to soul mate in seconds, since that will recognize a kindred spirit in this loving couple matched astrologically.

Sagittarius is a sign that is mutable

If there are two signs variables, it is a continuum of diversity and spontaneity. This can turn your life into a great adventure: this week you are in Barcelona, the next one in London, but you can also be completely disconnected from the world and be a duo.

Who will generate the structure in this relationship? (Answer: no one). Make decisions (or even commitments!) It can also be tricky, because any of the two likes to commit to something so permanent. This is a couple that has decades of board, but that has never decided to get married. The idea of freedom is, in fact, what unites the two.


Of course, it is a bit paradoxical, but your sign will love. The signs mutable are specialized in the communication and discovery.

Together, they can learn during their whole life and never will eventually things to talk about. On a bad day, you might be discussing, moody and overwhelmed: your life could be so crammed with too many projects, plans and friends that it is hard to find enough time to spend together.

Be careful not to scatter his energy and be too impulsive in this marriage for love.

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