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Compatibility of signs Sagittarius, and Aquarius

Where are supported

People are hospitable and creative, which are also moved by a higher purpose. Sagittarius is a philosopher and Aquarium is a humanist, and both value freedom more than life itself.

This makes them feel inexplicably inclined to be together ... Both want to have peace of mind in life. As a version moderna the hippies of the 60's, you'll go through the country in a caravan as amended (adapted to run with fuel plant), adding friend after friend to the page of Facebook and Instagram for every city in which you dwell.


Where you clash

Although there is a strong chemical idealistic among you, bring it to the physical terrain can be uncomfortable. In addition, to add interest to a friendship of this type can, in many cases, to destroy the relationship.

First speaks of your fantasies in the long term. While Sagittarius, assertive, insists on the commitment, Aquarius tends to want more structure in a relationship for a lifetime.

In addition, none of the two wants to sacrifice their dreams: a common goal is the key for it to work long-term. Whether you decide to raise sheep on an organic farm as if mount unfamiliar together a business of motivational speaking, keep jumping because happiness is yours.

Sagittarius is a fire, Aquarius is air

¡The start of the good times! The signs of Fire and Air have much in common, yet both are adventurous, expressive and full of large projects and plans.

In this marriage astrological should not miss appointments and plans fun: both are willing to try anything once. In addition to lovers, and also are friends who “do well” in many aspects.

love 8

In fact, this relationship can be developed organically from the platonic relationship that developed first. In some cases, once the honeymoon, the environment cools down and becomes more friendly or brotherly, because both the signs of Fire as the Air excited by the novelty, and bored when things become too familiar.

It may not be the couple's most loving in the bedroom, but their lively conversation, their fun banter and their spontaneous adventures can satisfy you in other ways.

Should not miss appointments and plans fun in this marriage of love astrology: we're both willing to try anything once!

Sagittarius is variable and Aquarius is fixed

The fixed sign yearns for stability, while the volatile like the changes: the commitment is the key to not going crazy! After all, the fixed sign of this relationship likes to take decisions or make plans and stick to them.

aquarius 2

In contrast, the sign is always changing is changing things: adding a guest, adding an appointment to take a coffee to your day, starting up a project before the end of the 50 they already have.

When a sign is mutable and a fixed sign, are paired to make use of their strengths, the fixed sign you can create a solid structure to protect the creative plans of the sign is mutable. Therefore, the signs variables and adaptable to help with the signs fixed to be less rigid, relax and go with the flow.

To achieve long-term success, in addition, they will have to work more, to meet its commitments, to be timely, constant: some plans are simply non-negotiable. As a result, the fixed signs will have to take a step back and be willing to try new things.

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