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Compatibility signs Libra and Scorpio

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The day he joins the night and begins the intrigue. Libra, the dandy of the zodiac, he wears his heart on the sleeve with a print of sequins. The mysterious spy Scorpio clings to your card top-secret force of his vest of black leather.

As both are night owls and lovers of music, it is possible to find on the dance floor or in a live concert. At the beginning, Libra is flattered by the intense attention of Scorpio... It's nice to find someone who is equally interested in discovering who it is.


Where you clash

His tango loses strength when the chatterbox Pound question for life of Scorpio. The answers cryptic and sarcastic comments of Scorpio are not in the vocabulary of a Pound, and it may seem that Scorpio makes you look like a fool.

If Scorpio can leave the defensive posture, this could be a trip to paradise through a climax romantic and excellence. Unfortunately, also the personality flirty Libra tends to cause the jealousy of Scorpio and the two can be found in a moderna “war of the roses” before even I start to get up.

You will have to make some important commitments. It is possible that Libra will have to curb their social tendencies innate, while the Scorpio is closed you will have to come out of his cave and socialize more often.

Don't expect to be “everything” for the other if you want to keep creating and enjoying the music pretty together.

Libra is air, and Scorpio is water

When you combine an air sign talker with a water sign is sensitive, the mind and the heart to combine or collide. The temperaments of these two elements are different.

The air signs will like the changes, the variety and novelty, while the water signs sentimental seek security, comfort, and nostalgia.

One of you is interested in what is new, while the other appreciates old. You must learn to appreciate this great difference, otherwise, soon you will feel that they have nothing in common.

Therefore, one of you is interested in what is new, and the other appreciates old. You have to learn to appreciate this much of a difference.

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It is possible that you have to change your social habits to work. Therefore, the water signs do not trust easily, and tend to work with people close to you, to many of whom have known each other since childhood.

Behavior between Libra and Scorpio

On the contrary, the air signs have never met a stranger, and you have constantly to your last best friend. The water signs may feel jealous or threatened by all this new people, whereas the air signs feel suffocated and bored to see the same faces as always.

Commitment is the key. Couples signs of water should be more open to new people and experiences, and be carried away by the current. Besides, the air signs will have to embrace the traditions and develop a greater emotional sensitivity.

The benefit of this match is the opportunity for growth. The fact that a person of sign of Water can be too emotional, a couple of Air sign, the more cold and rational, can teach you the power of detachment.


The water signs, you will learn to worry less about things, to laugh at themselves and to relax. However, the Water signs can teach you about the Air signs normal to deepen without being too superficial or turn everything into a joke.

Therefore, the signs of water can create a home beautiful and cozy, and the air signs can enrich it with guests interesting, music, and art.

Finally, both elements can be “vultures of culture” and may involve the dissection of documentaries, singing karaoke (both elements may have an encyclopedic knowledge of the letters), or even travel.

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