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Compatibility signs Libra, and Capricorn

Where are supported

It is pure addiction. This fiery obsession begins at the time in which two lovers fashion look. Capricorn brings power and elegance, while Libra brings glamour and beauty.

His spirit social share you can do shake the coldest of the snake charmers. Although they can sell together ice cubes to the suppliers of ice cream, can also sell fake products between them.


Looks good and is important to both.

Where you clash

The social masks that we put on the world are not easy to remove when the two are behind closed doors. As a result, the relationship can remain superficial ... Even after years of getting to know you.

The ambitious Capricorn will put the professional success and financial above the relationships. The Pound sold their farms for love. Get intermediate results is a long-term challenge.

If Capricorn is willing to be the breadwinner of the family and earn a budget large enough to meet the tastes of a Pound, you can share the roles of the traditional way.

Libra is air, and Capricorn is earth

What a strange combination in astrology? Sus signs are moved to two orbital speeds very different, which can lead to strange problems of synchronization, or if you tap into your strengths and become a powerful duo.

The earth signs love the stability and tend to want to keep things the same. In contrast, the air is always in motion: the signs that you seek the variety, always the “winds of change”.

What is the other big difference? The air signs who know how to communicate are talkative, but do not always get results. The Earth signs are doers who prefer that their actions speak more than your words.

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Your sign will move at two different speeds, very different, which can lead to strange problems of synchronization, or if you tap into your strengths and become a powerful duo.

Due to the nature of the land of the earth signs, air signs may find that they are not adventurers or that they are “boring” and remain stuck in a routine.

Behavior between Libra and Capricorn

The companion of air can not get the spontaneity and surprises that keep your interest. The partner of an earth sign may find that your partner is a sign of air is frivolous, full of rhetoric and inaction.

Or well, the fast-paced changes can make the sign of the earth to feel restless and anxious, unable to plan for the future without feeling sabotaged by the left.

So, how can you achieve the balance? The air signs work best together when they contribute ideas exciting and the earth signs turn them into reality.

The partner of an air sign will also have to work harder to fulfil their promises. We will have to follow a certain routine and consistency, although the air sign may not like the traditions. What a solution to break the “monotony” of another family Christmas, shall we say?

The earth signs need to be more flexible and be more open to experiment with new ideas introduced by the air signs. The partners terrestrial will have to learn to be more spontaneous and do not follow always the plan.

Libra and Capricorn are cardinal signs

The cardinal signs have a vocation of leadership, they are stubborn and like to be the first. Always seeking the commitment in this marriage for love.

Also, they may fight, clinging fiercely and create barriers in their relationship. However, when you respect the leadership and the strength of the other, can be a charming couple and powerful that it can conquer the world or build an empire together.


In addition, birthdays, parties and other occasions can not miss in a couple of cardinals. Are major life events that merit a grand celebration with a great gift. Your sign can be sophisticated and look up the status: loves to dress up and draw attention as a duo sleek (and yes, even cause envy amongst your friends).

In a marriage of love with a cardinal sign, impress the other part of the courtship ritual. So, take turns to plan new experiences and surprise each other with bookings or vacation carefully chosen.

Finally, to minimize the discussions, one of you should take charge every time. Or well, it creates a joint project in which you begin to use your different strengths, each one shining by itself, but without competing ever.

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