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Compatibility signs Libra and Aquarius

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New cloud! It is an end in heaven when this pair of air signs supercompatible decide to spend your life as a couple. The Libra does not like nothing more than a social scene full of people.

Aquarius tends to be at the center of a lively group of thinkers unconventional, seekers, artists and rock stars. Although the friends of Libra are more refined and sophisticated, your social circle fits perfectly.

Before you know it, your friends begin to exchange messages Messenger without having to ask, automatically creating an extended family for two.


Less bad, because this battle is more suitable for the legendary adventures for children. You'll happily in the role of the kangaroo, the godfather and some other uncle or aunt that teens look up to.

If you decide to marry (what seems like an extra step unnecessary for the birds free matched), choose games of matching suitcases for your registry or ask your guests to contribute to a “fund of honey” so that you can start your life with a plan epic trip.

Explore all corners of the world as a couple is a destination in the worth of working together.

Where you clash

Welcome to the heart of passive aggression. As air signs, carefree, they both avoid conflict like the plague, which can lead to a quiet brew of bitterness.

When the tolerance is taken to the limit, Libra will explode with acute critical comments. Aquarium contraatacará with a death ray, even though it is amazingly brutal.

When there is an upset, let the other person express their discontent instead of letting things build up, because they both want to look calm and relaxed.

Libra and Aquarius are air signs

Let's go to travel! Oh, yes! Then we will walk on a plane or we'll do skydiving. Yes, yes. By the way, I just got two tickets for the theatre, surprise! We're going to Madrid.

If you put together two air signs are spontaneous, there may arise a stream of conversations and ideas exciting and continuous. But, do you realize these big plans?

That is the challenge of the combination of signs, dual air, it is noble for both! Your sign social craves novelty. You'll be the first in the queue to try out a new and lively restaurant, see a new and fun musical group or get the latest update of the iPhone.

In fact, you could be the couple that is installed on the outside of the Apple store, and entertain the public with a magic show or a shopping cart coffee mobile.

love 3

In a marriage for love between air signs, the problems start when there are too many changes.

Behavior of Libra, and Aquarius

It is possible that you are constantly moving and cant take real roots. It is possible that escame with the wind or to pass “cold and heat” when you change the temperature of the outside air.

Both easily distracted and their millions of friends, activities, and independent interests can make it difficult to search of time for the quality.

The air signs are communicative, but not always likeable: their discussions can become fierce daggers verbal.

For best results, apply the right amount of variation and stability.

Your home is like a moderna art gallery with exhibits that are constantly changing and an elegant place to holiday parties to large-scale “just because”.

For two air signs, entertainment is an important factor of union: their social circles are equivalent to a return to the Earth. This is also a great example.

In fact, one feels the best when enjoying the company of many different people. The air signs crave a constant stimulation (and maybe even a couple that achieves an open relationship).

Too many romantic evenings between two people can become boring, so that you don't spend too much alone time, or fall in the familiar way the lazy, or you rush in coexistence.

The Libra are cardinal and Aquarius are fixed

In astrology, the “qualities” or the “trinity” reveal the role that you play in a relationship or partner. Are you an initiator, an executor or a finalizer? Do you like to take charge and have a plan, or prefer to go with the flow?

Both characters cardinal as fixed is “govern” themselves. The cardinal signs like to lead and always start that does not invade the territory of the fixed sign, which is fine.

aquarius 1

The nature of the energy fixed is to stay firm and resist change unless it is really necessary. While the fixed signs are constant, the cardinal signs are more changeable, although they can be quite stubborn.

The Cardinal Signs can bring many new ideas or, what is worse, try to “improve” on the ideas of the Sign is Fixed by means of unsolicited criticism.

This feedback, however well intentioned, may threaten the self-esteem of the Fixed Sign and take you to a serious battle for his ego. Also it may seem “boring” to the Fixed Sign if you want to do the same thing every week.

In this marriage for love, the Fixed Sign will be more open to the “fashion” that tried it.

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