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Compatibility signs Leo and Sagittarius

Where are supported

I fantasy made with a fire sign! Sagittarius and Leo are a few partiers irresistible and together they leave the party as the stars of the list.

There is a lot of passion in this clash, from their animated conversations until their games red bag. They will trust each other and inspire each other to give bold steps, especially in regard to their ambitious careers.


Where you clash

Sometimes Leo needs more attention is the impatient Sagittarius is willing to give.

Comments francs Sagittarius can impression on the sensitive Leo.

Although the parents love the fun and adventure, kids can test their patience and disrupt the games of adults in a way that irritates both.

The two are too optimistic in terms of finance, so that instalad a program of financial management before you embark on your infamous career of expenses.

Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs

This combination exothermic can go from zero to soul mate in seconds, since that will recognize a soul mate in this loving couple matched astrologically.

However, once they turn on their lust, they may lose control .... or shot-to-shot. Your temperament can be as hot as his love, so while you can make waves in the sheets, their discussions can be legendary.

Remember: the civilization began when humans learnt how to create, maintain and control the fire. Cooked our food, kept us warm and fed them all.

But by its very nature, the fire does not want to be controlled, nor the elephant in the fire. In this relationship, there must be space for individuality, exploration and autonomy within safe limits.

The commitment and compliance must be addressed with care.

love 10

As a partner with the same element, it is possible to have to make a conscious effort to not get stuck in the routine or even in the competitive dynamics.

As a partner with the same element, you may need to make a conscious effort to not get stuck in the dynamics of the routine, or even of the competition.

Therefore, spending time with a friend, colleague, or family member of another element may provide a more energy-balanced. For example, an earth sign associated with the earth can help to two fire signs surly to look around before they fall.

An air sign goal reminds you to take a step back in terms of the intense emotions and the knee-jerk reactions. And a water sign is sensitive can help you to tune into your nostalgic side instead of ignoring their feelings.

Leo is a fixed, Sagittarius is fluid

It can be difficult to synchronize in this marriage for love, can we make a plan here? Therefore, the fixed signs crave stability, to the changing't like change.

The commitment is the key to not go crazy, however, the fixed sign of this relationship likes to take decisions or make plans and stick to them.


In contrast, the sign is always changing is changing things: adding a guest, adding an appointment to take a coffee to your day, starting up a project before the end of the 35 that you already have.

When a sign is mutable and a fixed sign, are paired to make use of their strengths, the fixed sign you can create a solid structure to protect the creative plans of the sign is mutable.

In addition, the signs variables and adaptable to help with the signs fixed to be less rigid, relax and go with the flow. Finally, to achieve the long-term success, they will have to work more, to maintain your commitments, meet deadlines and be consistent.

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