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Compatibility signs Leo and Leo

Where are supported

What an exciting clash royal! When the king zodiac of the jungle meets her lion, there is a mating primitive souls.

At the end, a couple, creative, charismatic and experienced sitting next to you on the throne of the void. When it comes to plans larger-than-life, anything that is not of large size will satisfy you.


Their shared love of history, family celebrations and education and the infinite can bring these people together in a more permanent with the passage of time.

Where you clash

This is all very well, provided you have the financial security to do so. Your desires often exceed their capacity planning and real need external support to build a solid foundation for your future.

Leave your ego at the door. If a star of Leo is higher than the other, the competition could be fierce ... And ugly.

Make sure that your relationship goes beyond the superficial. Although they like to be in a couple enviable, the image itself does not keep us, especially on a bad day hair.

Leo is a fire sign

The heating is on! The sun signs of both are fire elements. This combination exothermic can go from zero to soul mate in seconds, since that will recognize a soul mate in this loving couple astrologically compatible.

But once her fires erotic are refined, they may lose control ... Or rather, to go from spark to spark. Your temperament can be as fiery as his way of being, so while you can build a hell in the sheets, their discussions can be legendary.

This relationship should allow for the individuality, the exploration and autonomy within safe limits.

Remember: civilization begins when people learn how to light a fire, to take care of it and to control it. We cooked, kept us warm and provided us with fuel for the entire.

But by its very nature, the fire does not want to be controlled, and the signs of fire either. The relationship should allow for the individuality, the exploration and autonomy within safe limits.

The creation and the maintenance of the commitments must be handled with care to not lose the spark or turn off the flame.

As a partner of the same element, it is possible to have to make a conscious effort to not engage in a dynamic, challenging, or even competitive. Therefore, spend time with a friend, colleague, or family member of another element may provide a more energy-balanced.

love 5

For example, an earth sign, you can help two fire signs eager to look before you leap. An air sign goal reminds you that you should keep away from strong emotions and knee-jerk reactions.

And the sensitive water sign can help you to tune into your nostalgic side instead of ignoring their feelings.

Leo is a fixed sign

As a fixed sign, you are the guardian of your “territory”. You like to plant flags, build a base and from there build an empire. If both have a common agenda, can be a duo tireless: hello, power couple!

But if they fight for different causes, things can go wrong quickly. Both will stand firm and will defend their territory with tenacity.

constellation leo

When you discuss with the other, it can be a never ending war of accusations and lawsuits in which you defend your point of view only to protect your ego. The best thing is to channel that momentum to create a legacy common: run a business together, starting a family, to organize all of the festivities.

As the fixed signs are a traditional side, you can both enjoy bringing everyone together in their manor house for a summer barbecue or a feast of the end of the year.

Only be careful not to deviate much of the way as to keep doing the same thing year after year.

The fixed signs can be allergic to the changes, so that, as a couple, will contribute actively pursuing new experiences to their world to prevent the stagnation.

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