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Compatibility signs Leo and Scorpio

Where are supported

If you mark the magnetic personality of the other, you will get a combination of spicy that will last at least a season (if not a lifetime).

Unfortunately, it is easy for either of you to feel threatened by the confidence that demonstrates the other. Remember each day that you don't need ruin to not stay behind.


With the dazzling personality of a Leo and the alchemy behind-the-scenes Scorpio, they can combine their talents to achieve a successful winner and support the future of the family.

Where you clash

Care: looming power struggle Both Leo as a Scorpio, need to feel the number one. The problem is that none of the two signs is willing to relinquish control.

The different approaches to parenting can also cause some anxiety ... And tends to be another area of struggle for control. Oops! If the resolution of everyday conflicts is your idea of an aphrodisiac, then marry.

Otherwise, it is probably best to be business partners or just friends.

Leo is a fire, Scorpio is water

What too close for comfort? As a couple in astrology, a Fire sign and a Water sign may have very different needs. To achieve success as a couple, commitment is needed.

The water signs are calm and loving and they are prone to mood swings. They want to force the safety and comfort.

On the contrary, the Fire signs can be aggressive, independent and tend to seek drawbacks to take risks. The Water signs are nostalgic and tend to live in the past (good or perceived as too bad), while Fire signs are pioneers and are more enthusiastic about creating your own future.

How, then, can co-exist happily, a traditional sign of water and an adventurous fire sign?

Behavior between Leo and Scorpio

Therefore, the sign of heat you will need to enter in the world of visits to the family, stay home, go back to the same vacation spots and socialize with a small group of friends in the sign of water that have accompanied him throughout life ... Even if you feel limited or stuck.

To change the sign of water will have to embrace the adventure, travel, meet new people (and to be social when you do so!), take risks and change from time to time their comfortable routine.

Parents can be a big problem, as the partner of a sign of Water tends to be close to him submissively, while a Fire sign you can leave home at the age of 23 and not look back.

love 2

In nature, water can extinguish a fire, may contain a forest fire raging (good) or you can turn off flame (not so good). The fire can warm the cold water, but you can also make it boil and smoke.

Too much fire can cause water to evaporate.

When confronted, this can be a never ending war of accusations and convictions, defending a point of view just to protect your ego.

Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs

You like to plant flags, build your base and build an empire from there. If both have a common agenda, can be a duo indefatigable: hello, power couple! But if they fight for different causes, things can sour quickly.

In addition, both will stand firm and will defend their territory with tenacity. When they argue with each other, can be a never ending war of accusations and convictions in which you defend your point of view only to protect their egos.


Therefore, it is best to channel this momentum towards the creation of a common heritage: running a business together, starting a family, to organize all of the festivities.

As the fixed signs are a traditional side, both can enjoy meeting all of them in their manor house for a summer barbecue or a feast of the end of the year.

Finally, you must be careful not to be so set in stone and continue with the same things year after year. The fixed signs can be allergic to change, so that as a couple they have to be active in bringing new experiences to their world to prevent the stagnation.

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