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Compatibility of signs: Gemini and Virgo

Where are supported

This challenging confrontation, which combines the neuroticism and eroticism, usually end in marriage. For both thinkers, the analysis and the exchange of ideas is an experience electrifying, and both are ruled by Mercury.

Their love story is focused on a shared passion for uncovering information. If you get your life together becomes a never-ending search for the treasure, will fill your home with the artifacts fascinating.


Where you clash

Communication is your denominator-general, addressed the world from very different perspectives. Gemini is an air sign impulsive and analyzes the data at the speed of a server of high technology.

Virgo is practical, down-to-earth and has no tendency to precipitate. In addition, both are somewhat neurotic and can cause anxiety in the other by pointing out any problem that may arise in a plan or idea.

Gemini is air, Virgo is earth

What a couple of oddities astrology? Your sign will move at two different speeds, very different, which can cause strange problems of synchronization, or if you play with your strengths and become a powerful duo.

The earth signs like the stability and tend to want to keep things the same. On the contrary, the air is always in motion: the “winds of change” always blow for those who are looking for signs of change.

What is the other big difference? The air signs of communication are talkative, but do not always get results. The earth signs are doers who prefer to speak with actions rather than with words.

Due to the nature of the land of the Earth signs, Air signs may find they are not adventurous or that they are “bored” and get stuck in routines.

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So, the amazing changes can make the sign of the Earth to feel restless and anxious, unable to plan for the future without feeling the sabotage of the left.

Behavior of Gemini and Virgo

How do you get the balance? The air signs work best together when they contribute ideas exciting and the sign of earth becomes reality.

The partner of an air sign also needs to do more to fulfill its promises. You must follow a certain routine and consistency, although the Air sign people dislike the tradition.

And get new faces on the guest list. In this way, to meet the needs competing novelty and longevity.

The earth signs need to be more flexible and be more open to trying new ideas proposed by the air signs. The partners terrestrial will have to learn to be more spontaneous, instead of sticking always to a plan.

The concept of freedom is in fact a link between the two.

Gemini and Virgo are signs mutable

If there are two signs variables, it is a continuum of diversity and spontaneity. This can turn your life into a great adventure: this week you are in Logroño, the next one in La Coruña, but you can also be completely disconnected from the world and be a duo.

Make a decision (or even commit) It can also be tricky, because any of the two like to commit to something so permanent. This is a couple that has decades of board, but that has never decided to get married.


The idea of freedom is in fact a connection between the two. Of course, it is a bit paradoxical, but your sign will love.

In addition, signs, mutable are specialized in the communication and discovery. Together, they can learn during their whole life and never will eventually things to talk about.

On a bad day, it can be discussing, cranky and overwhelmed: your life can be so crammed with too many projects, plans and friends that it is hard to find enough time to spend together. Be careful not to scatter his energy and be too impulsive in this marriage for love.

Tb e careful not to scatter his energy and be too impulsive in this marriage for love.

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