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Compatibility of signs Gemini and Sagittarius

Where are supported

There is an instant attraction between you. Gemini governs the daily communication, while Sagittarius is the “higher mind” of philosophy.

Never be short of topics to discuss and debate, and both will find it exciting.

If you plan your trip, or better yet, enjoy the travel of others, it will be a savagery that develop as a fairy tale, with residences in global and compliments international.


Where you clash

Even if the attraction is strong, to establish an actual quote may be the most difficult part. Your social life is often full of activities even before it was known.

If you are not committed to a similar vision of life, you may have to be conformed with connections on Facebook and flirting randomly when both are present in the same port.

Both signs can be a pretty irredentos to those who like to have many lovers. Monogamy can quickly become monotonous, as they both crave the novelty.

You might even introduce some rules “flexible” to allow external adventures here and there.

Gemini is air and Sagittarius is a fire

¡The start of the good times! The signs of fire and air have a lot in common: both are adventurous, expressive and full of large projects and plans.

Do not miss the appointments and plans fun in this marriage astrology: we're both willing to try anything once! In addition to lovers, and also are friends who “know” in many ways.

In fact, the relationship can develop organically from the platonic relationship that develops at the beginning.

In some cases, once the honeymoon, the relationship can cool down and become more friendly or brotherly, because both the signs of fire as the air can be excited by the novelty and get bored when things become too familiar.

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It may not be the couple's most sensual in the bedroom, but their animated conversations, funny jokes and spontaneous adventures can keep you entertained in other ways.

Together, you can learn for a lifetime and you will never be short of topics of conversation.

The main difference between their elements is that the air signs tend to be more reserved, distant, and brain, while Mars is more impulsive, emotional, and expressive. Eventually, the air signs are more cerebral and mars are more sentimental.

When there is a disagreement, the air sign will want to discuss it objectively, what may appear to be cold and indifferent to the pair of fire sign, irritable and reactive, that you can talk in circles or getting defensive, frustrating to the sign of air solutions-oriented.

Behavior of Gemini and Sagittarius

Sometimes the fire signs may feel exhausted: they have too much energy. And when the sign of air is blocked by the analysis, the sign of heat you will lose the patience. (“Do something now!”, he says the fire).

In nature, the air can fuel a fire and help it to expand, as the couple of the sign of air fans the flames of the passion of a fire sign.

The fire heats the cold air, and fire signs help the signs of air to heat up and take a risk. But another situation related to the fire and the air is turning off a burner: a gust of wind in the wrong direction, and the flame is turned off.

Gemini and Sagittarius are the signs variable

This can turn your life into a great adventure: this week you are in Salamanca, the next in Bilbao, but also can completely disconnect as a duo.


Make a decision (or even a commitment) can also be tricky, because any of the two likes to commit to something so permanent.

Of course, it is a bit paradoxical, but your sign likes. In addition, the signs mutants are excellent for communication and discovery. Together you can learn for a lifetime and never-ending issues of which to speak.

Be careful not to distract you too much in this marriage for love. Thus, together they can learn for a lifetime and you will never be short of topics of conversation.

Finally, on a bad day, it can be tough, frivolous and overwhelmed: their own independent life may be crowded with too many projects, plans and friends, which makes it difficult to find enough time for coexistence.

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