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Compatibility of signs Gemini and Pisces

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Welcome to the world of the surreal. Both prefer fantasy to reality, and they will soon become the muses creative of the other.

Both signs are prone to mood swings, so that this confrontation could become an emotional roller coaster. These signs are the “dualistic”: the Twins symbolizes Gemini and Pisces symbolizes two Pisces swimming from one another.


The result is that it seems like there are four people in this relationship ... No person may take the decision to stick to it. If you manage to overcome your phobia of commitment, this combination could be durable that inspire works of art, legendary.

Where you clash

Gemini moves to the rhythm of a mixture of club most of the time, while Pisces yearns to immerse yourself in tracks in nightclubs. Can you find the general rhythm? Sometimes a Pisces will find Gemini surface, while Gemini wants Pisces release.

Pisces may find Gemini surface. In their constant search for “the person”, the couple can analyze in excess to your partner in place of keep calm and enjoy the moment.

Your home can also become a nest of chaos and disorder. Both are backpackers and need emptying regularly their collections or mount shopping on Amazon to generate an extra income for your party nights.

Gemini is air and Pisces is water

When you combine an air sign talker with a water sign is sensitive, the mind and the heart to combine or collide. The temperaments of these two elements are different.

The air signs will like the changes, the variety and novelty, while the water signs sentimental seek security, comfort, and nostalgia.

One of you is interested in what is new, while the other appreciates old. You must learn to appreciate this much of a difference. Otherwise, soon you will feel that they have nothing in common.

It is possible that you have to change your social habits to work. The water signs are not easy to trust, and they tend to work with a narrow circle of people, many of whom have known each other since childhood.

On the contrary, the air signs have never met a stranger, and you have constantly to your last best friend. The water signs may feel jealous or threatened by all this new people, and the air signs feel suffocated and bored by meeting the same faces as always.

Compromise between Gemini and Pisces

Commitment is the key, therefore, couples sign of water should be more open to new people and experiences, and be carried away by the current.

The air signs will have to embrace the traditions and develop a greater emotional sensitivity.

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The benefit of this match is the opportunity for growth. The fact that a person of sign of Water can be too emotional, a couple of Air sign, the more cold and rational, can teach you the power of detachment.

The water signs, you will learn to worry less about things, to laugh at themselves and to relax. Thus, the Water signs can teach you about the Air signs ordinary to delve into your interior without being too superficial or turn everything into a joke.

Gemini and Pisces are signs variable

This can turn your life into a great adventure: this week you are in Bali, the next one in Berlin, but also can completely disconnect as a duo.

Make a decision (or even a commitment) can also be tricky, because any of the two likes to commit to something so permanent. This is a couple that has been together for decades, but never decided to marry.

Of course, it is a bit paradoxical, but your sign likes. In fact, the signs mutants are excellent for communication and discovery.

Behavior between Gemini and Pisces

Be careful not to distract you too much in this marriage for love. However, together they can learn for a lifetime and you will never be short of topics of conversation.


In addition, on a bad day, it can be tough, frivolous and overwhelmed: their own independent life may be crowded with too many projects, plans and friends, which makes it difficult to find enough time for coexistence.

Be careful not to distract you too much in this marriage for love.

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