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Compatibility of signs: Gemini and Libra

Where are supported

An attraction is easy between the two air signs that could become the courtship dance of a lifetime. Butterflies are social by nature, they quickly become the king and queen of the scene.

The pair always appears in the journals of gossip or in the background of photographs of the openings of art, restaurants, rock concerts, indie and much more.


If you choose the path of marriage and children, make it a non-traditional way which will provide you with a lot of entertainment to both.

Where you clash

Do you like blue? Or red? What or you should opt for purple? Help! When a chameleon Gemini is found with an indecisive Libra, really there is no certainty ... Except that you immediately feel comfortable with each other.

Fun is the glue that binds them together, but this link may not be enough to keep them united in the long term. The character of fast-paced Gemini can alter the balance of Libra, and the habits disorganized this may get nervous a Gemini compulsive disorder.

Apply a little of earth in your life, or you dispersarás like the wind.

Gemini and Libra are air signs

If you put together two air signs are spontaneous, there may arise a stream of conversations and ideas exciting and continuous. But, do you realize these big plans? That is the challenge of the combination of signs, dual air, and it's a challenge noble that both exceed.

Your sign social craves novelty. Be the first in the queue to try out a new and lively restaurant, see a new and fun musical group or get the latest update of the iPhone.

In fact, you could be the couple who camped outside the Apple store and entertains the public with a magic show or a shopping cart coffee mobile.

In a marriage for love between air signs, the problems start when there are too many changes. It is possible that you are constantly moving and cant take real roots.

It is possible that escame with the wind or to pass “cold and heat” when you change the temperature of the outside air. Both easily distracted and their millions of friends, activities, and independent interests can make it difficult to search of time for the quality.

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Behavior between Gemini and Libra

The air signs are communicative, but not always likeable: their discussions can become fierce daggers verbal.

Therefore, to obtain the best results, apply the right amount of variation and stability. Our aunts and uncles, all of them, air signs, they are constantly redecorando their homes, and although this often increases the chaos, seems to unite them.

Your home is like a moderna art gallery with exhibits that are constantly changing and a point of access to large-scale meetings “because”.

For two air signs, entertainment is an important factor of union: - your social circles are equivalent to a return to the Earth! This is also a great example.

In fact, one feels the best when enjoying the company of many different people. In addition, air signs crave a constant stimulation (and maybe even a couple that achieves an open relationship).

Too many romantic evenings between two people can become boring, so that you don't spend too much alone time, or fall in the familiar way the lazy, or you rush in coexistence.

Geminis are fickle and the pound are kind

Do you like to take charge and have a plan, or prefer to go with the flow?

That is why they are so careful. But when the cardinal signs become too rigid or elitist, can alter the signs changeable.

A sign that is not permanent you should check the sign of the red heart before you meet in random events or invite strangers to dinner. In this marriage for love, make gifts can be a difficult task; the cardinal knows exactly what you like, and can be very difficult to please.


In this marriage for love, make gifts can be a difficult task; the cardinal knows exactly what you like and can be very difficult to please.

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