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Compatibility of signs Gemini and Gemini

Where are supported

Call a therapist! When the twins of the zodiac are matched, at least four of them have a relationship ... Or maybe more.

This unpredictable combination works in a strange way: who else would understand your need of collecting action figures japanese to 40 years, or the store that rented (perhaps even lived for a few weeks) to save your collection of vintage clothing favorite?


If you accept your own peculiarities, it will not be difficult to fall in love with another Gemini.

Where you clash

Who will be the stable adult that will provide the structure and consistency that children need? This stage of maturity could be an obstacle to your romance if you don't do some type of plan. Hey, maybe your parents can move up.

So the whole family can keep playing ... you What you most love to do! Make sure not to impose a role excessively responsible to your children (as “the fathers of their fathers”) sharing when you have mood changes, or making you look over-exaggerate the discussion and analysis in the style Gemini to solve their problems.

Gemini and Gemini are air signs

If you put together two constellations of air-spontaneous, you can get a flow of conversation and ideas exciting and without a break. But, what has actually made one of these great plans?

That is the challenge of the couples air sign, and is sublime for both! Your sign social craves novelty. You'll be the first in the queue to try out a new and lively restaurant, watch a new musical group, fashion, entertaining the crowd with a magic show or a shopping cart coffee mobile.

Problems in a marriage for the sake of Air sign start with too many changes.

It is possible that it is in constant movement and never be able to sit still. There may be flakes when the wind blows, or you can move “cold and hot” according to the temperature of the outside air.

Both can be easily distracted and their millions of friends, activities, and independent interests can make it difficult to time search for them.

love 6

The air signs are communicative, but not necessarily friendly: their discussions can become cruel blows verbal.

As a partner of the same item, make a conscious effort to not fall into a routine, or even a competitive dynamic.

For best results, apply the right amount of variation and stability.

Our aunts and uncles, all of them, air signs, they are constantly redecorando your home and even though it often brings with it the chaos, it seems to hold them together.

Behavior of Gemini

Your home is like a moderna art gallery with changing exhibitions always-changing, a place for large gatherings “because”.

For two air signs, entertainment is an important factor of union: your social circle share you can rival a trip to the Earth.

In fact, you will feel better when you enjoy the company of many different people. The air signs crave constant stimulation (and may even be partners to achieve an open relationship).

Too many romantic dinners for two can seem boring, so that you don't spend too much time alone, don't fall into familiar patterns lazy or hasty to live together.

Both Gemini as a gemini signs are unstable

Do you like to take charge and have a plan, or prefer to go with the flow?

With two bodily signs changing, the variety and spontaneity are not stopped. This can turn your life into a great adventure: this week you are in Berlin and the next in London, but also can completely disconnect as a duo. Who will create the structure in this relationship? (No one raises their hand).


Make a decision (or even a commitment) can also be tricky, because any of the two likes to commit to something so permanent.

Of course, it is a bit paradoxical, but your sign likes. In fact, the signs mutants are excellent for communication and discovery. Together they can learn during their whole life and never-ending issues of which to speak.

The love between a Gemini

in addition, on a bad day, it can be tough, frivolous and overwhelmed: their own independent life may be crowded with too many projects, plans and friends, which makes it difficult to find enough time for coexistence. Be careful not to distract you too much in this marriage for love.

Therefore, their own independent life may be crowded with too many projects, plans and friends, which makes it difficult to find enough time for coexistence.

Be careful not to distract you too much in this marriage for love. Finally, together they can learn for a lifetime and you will never be short of topics of conversation.

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