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Compatibility of signs Gemini, and Capricorn

Where are supported

Let alert of powerful pair! Ambition is something that Gemini and Capricorn have in common, who dream of the executive suite as the final goal.

Experts in public relations, you know how to handle this room and take a free VIP in your pocket. The chatterbox Gemini has the heart in your site, while the unconditional Capricorn can be silent for hours epic.


Where you clash

Writing forward-thinking Gemini clashes or conflicts with the values of outdated Capricorn: a dance of tricky to the eyes, without a doubt!

Capricorn wants a mahogany table, a Buddha statue and a fountain made of slate. Although children are usually part of the general plan, Gemini wants to educate at home while he travels around the country.

Capricorn wants to create a sense of tradition and camping near the childhood friends and family. It is difficult to find a mid-point, but if you are willing to commit yourselves, you can be the master of initiation of each other on the path of life.

Gemini is air, Capricorn is earth

What a couple of oddities astrology? Your sign will move at two different speeds, very different, which can cause strange problems of synchronization, or if you play with your strengths and become a powerful duo.

The earth signs like the stability and tend to want to keep things the same. On the contrary, the air is always in motion: the “winds of change” always blow for those who are looking for signs of change.

What is the other big difference? The air signs of communication are talkative, but do not always get results. The earth signs are doers who prefer to speak with actions rather than with words.

The routine and consistency are needed, although to this air sign not like the tradition.

Due to the nature of the land of the Earth signs, Air signs may find that they are not adventurers or “boring” and fall into routines stagnant.

Behavior of Gemini and Aries

Therefore, it is possible that the companion of Air does not get the spontaneity and surprises that you are interested in. Also, the couple of the sign of the Earth you can find the pair of Air sign insecure, full of rhetoric and inaction.

In addition, the striking changes can make the sign of the earth to feel restless and anxious, unable to plan for the future without feeling the sabotage.

love 3

How do you get the balance? The people of air signs work best together when they contribute ideas exciting and the person of earth signs makes them reality.

The partner of an air sign also needs to do more to fulfill its promises. You must follow a certain routine and consistency, although the Air sign people dislike the tradition.

In this way, to meet the needs competing novelty and longevity. In addition, the earth signs need to be more flexible and open, willing to try the new ideas proposed by the air signs.

Gemini is versatile, and Capricorn is almighty

The cardinal signs are initiators: they like to direct, guide, and manage. In most cases, this should signs are variable and flexible, they have difficulties in making decisions, and they appreciate a little extra help.

Therefore, in most cases, this is tailored to the signs anamorphic variable and flexible. But when the cardinal sign becomes too stiff or elitist, then the sign-changing can be nervous.

Therefore, the cardinal signs have refined tastes and a sense of entitlement, which helps them to resort to the good things and the experiences of first-class.


But the signs are unstable that you will make friends from all over the world, from the couriers to the presidents of the companies, they can seem a little snobs or search status.

Finally, the cardinal signs will have to be more realistic, less judgmental and stop trying to replace their partners changeable. Also, they will have to be more realistic and less critical.

The changeable sign must consult the cardinal sign before extending invitations to casual events or invite strangers to dinner. Make gifts can be a complicated task in this marriage for love.

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