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Compatibility of signs Scorpio and Capricorn

Where are supported

Hustling and helpful, but not necessarily unhappy. The Escorpios and the Capricorn are people of high performance and do not calm down until it is confident of his reputation.”

The trick of “get your secretary to call my secretary” is very well for work meetings, but do not use it to arrange a meeting. It is not a game you want to miss.


Devoting extra time to the other party, even if that means scheduling a weekly meeting mandatory.

Where you clash

Whether your goal is career, family or any other thing, you're totally committed to whatever you do and your relationship is not an exception.

Unfortunately, their busy schedules to shock and hinder the beginning of your love story. The direct communication is not his strong point, and neither of the two you like to let your guard down.

Scorpio can be reserved and manipulative, Capricorn is cold and calculating. Fortunately, Capricorn usually provide a sufficiently stable basis for Scorpio to feel safe enough to open up and show some emotion.

Once you let your guard down, it will be a solid alliance capable of producing wonderful babies of trust fund that enjoy the best of both.

Scorpio is water, and Capricorn is earth

In most cases, it is a harmonious combination of the two energies compatible. Both the signs of the earth as the water looking for comfort, security and consistency.

The two provide this very well to each other. This relationship may start already in the primary school or in the university and continue into adulthood.

It is easy to catch a pace that's comfortable, especially when you live together. Your home can be a welcoming space, a center that brings together family and friends for a lifetime. Parenting can also be an area to shine together.

The link can begin in elementary school or at the university and continue into adulthood.

Of course, there are differences. The Water is of sensual nature, while the Earth is more down to earth and practical.

love 9

A water sign you can start your sentence with “I feel”, while an earth sign may respond better to a statement that begins with “I believe”.

The feelings of Scorpio and Capricorn

The feelings of the Earth signs seem random and hard to follow: if there is a problem in the relationship, the pair of linear Earth wants to go straight to the point to know how to solve it. Unfortunately, the signs of water intuitives do not work as well.

They have to address things in a more indirect way, starting with your emotions and your intuition, that water is the most reliable. The earth signs must learn to respect the instincts of the water signs, even though they appear to be contrary to the sensitivity and logic.

On the contrary, a person from Water sign you may want to unleash some of these feelings with a therapist or a compassionate friend, instead of a couple of Earth sign.

Once a person has the sign of Water to discover the root of your concerns, you will be able to present it to the person in the Earth sign of a less emotional.

The result is that the sign of Water, you will find an enthusiastic companion for the resolution of problems, in place of a person on the defensive or complacent that will dictate when it is most vulnerable.

Scorpio is fixed and Capricorn has the shape of a heart

Both cardinal signs as fixed is “govern” themselves. The cardinal signs like to lead and initiate, which is fine provided that it does not invade the territory of the fixed sign.


The nature of the energy fixed is to stay firm and resist change unless it is really necessary. While the fixed signs are constant, the cardinal signs are more changeable, although they can be quite stubborn.

The Cardinal Signs can bring too many new ideas, or worse, try to “improve” on the ideas of the Sign is Fixed by means of unsolicited criticism. This feedback, however well intentioned, may threaten the self-esteem of the Fixed Sign and take you to a serious battle for his ego.

Can be “boring” for the sign of the Red Heart if the Fixed Sign tries to do the same thing week after week. In this marriage for love, the Fixed Sign will be more open to the “modern” than it tasted.

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