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Compatibility of signs, Cancer and Virgo

Where are supported

It forces the rats are coming together! When the collector Cancer is found with the hoarder Virgo, it is possible that you may need to rent a storage room before you rent a wedding hall.

Both are hunters by nature and I love to collect pieces of conversation only with sentimental value.

Family-oriented, values fit naturally and can even match in temperament conservative. Save money and plan for the future is one of the favorite pastimes of the sign interested in the security: we as a couple can build up a solid savings!.

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Where you clash

Although you will have plenty for rainy days, what seems to enjoy sunny days? You have to strive more to see the brim of the cup that you have created, no work always for more, more, more.

Allow yourself to drink at least a sip of that cup every year. What is a trip as a couple to a historic destination the key to romance? Although it's almost impossible to leave the comfort of home that you have raised together.

Cancer is water, and Virgo is earth

In most cases, it is a harmonious combination of the two energies compatible. Both the signs of the earth as the water looking for comfort, security and consistency.

This relationship can start in the elementary school or in college and last into adulthood. It is easy to take a comfortable pace, especially once you're living together.

Your home can become a warm place, a center of gathering for family and friends. Parenting can also be an area in which they shine together.

There are, of course, differences. The water is of sensual nature, while the earth is more down to earth and practical. As a water sign you can begin your sentences with “I feel”, a sign of earth can best respond to the statements that begin with “I think”.

Feelings of a Cancer and a Virgo

The feelings of the earth signs seem to be random and hard to follow: if there is a problem in the relationship, the pair of linear of the earth signs want to get to the root of the problem to be able to provide a solution.

Unfortunately, the signs of water intuitives do not work as well. Need to address the things more indirectly, starting with your emotions and your intuition, that water is the most reliable.

The earth signs must learn to respect the “gut feeling” of the water signs, even though it may seem to contradict the sensitivity and logic.

love 8

In contrast, the Water signs may wish to clarify these emotions with a therapist, or a compassionate friend, instead of with your partner for signs of Land. Once the person in the water sign has been found of the central problems that concern you, can introduce you to the person in the earth sign of a less emotional.

The result? The water sign, you find a partner who is willing to solve the problem, not someone who is on the defensive, or to despise when you're at your most vulnerable.

Interactions between Cancer and Virgo

Try not to place yourself in these roles so well known, which can be easy. It is possible that you stay stuck doing the same thing, or that you are afraid to change something together.

It can help to attract a friend, colleague, or family member with a fire sign or air more dynamic. You can even have a child in common, which is a fire sign or air.

Instead of treating them as misfits of the family, allow them to bring new ideas to the family and respect their greater need for independence.

Cancer is a cardinal and Virgo is inconsistent

In astrology, the “qualities” reveal the role that you play in a relationship or partner.

Are you the initiator, the executor or the finalizer? Do you like to be in control and have a plan, or prefer to go with the flow? The cardinal signs are initiators: they like to direct, guide, and manage.

In most cases, this should be the signs anamorphic variable and flexible, they have difficulties in making decisions, and they appreciate a little extra help. In most cases, this is tailored to the signs anamorphic variable and flexible.


But when the cardinal sign becomes too stiff or elitist, then the sign-changing can be nervous.

But the signs are unstable that you will make friends from all over the world, from the couriers to the presidents of the companies, they can seem a little snobs or search status.

The behavior of Cancer and Virgo

 The changeable sign must consult the cardinal sign before extending invitations to casual events or invite strangers to dinner

. Make gifts can be a complicated task in this marriage for love: the cardinal knows exactly what you like, and can be very hard to please.

The wish list should be given to the couple in a state of flow long before a birthday, or a party. Make gifts can be a complicated task in this type of marriage for love: the cardinal knows exactly what you like, and can be very hard to please.

The wish list should be given to the couple in a state of flow well in advance of the birthday or the holidays. In this type of marriages for love, make gifts can be an arduous task: the cardinal knows exactly what you like and can be very difficult to please.

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