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Compatibility of signs Cancer and Cancer

Where are supported

The union of two crabs is the picture of domestic happiness ... however, in your house, it is boring. We inspire each other, create and play.

While the children emerge one after another, you renew the tiles of the bathroom, plant an organic vegetable garden, preparing each night meals, perfeccionas your savings plan ten years and register every memorable moment to perfection.

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Where you clash

Both have a quality motherly that can sometimes prove to be impressive. Who brings a fresh energy and masculine?

Too many amenities of home can be like a bucket of cold water to your libido. Don't let your family life eclipse your interests and ambitions external ... If you want to continue to have loving relationships with any purpose other than that of having another child.

Cancer is a water sign

¡Go ahead! Two water signs highly sensitive and responsive, they can feel very good about each other, and very quickly. They can go from being boyfriends to rent a bungalow in a blink of an eye, especially if you get to know the parents and families of the other and get their approval.

For the water signs, home is everything. In addition, looking for privacy for your soul in the outside world and need to be confined in a facility private and intimate.

Also, you can organize your holiday, rent houses on the beach where everyone can socialise, and take the kids to all corners. For this reason, it is likely that the house of the filigree has comfortably furnished rooms and many pillows and blankets to spare.

love 3

Your sign nostalgic values family and tradition. As you don't trust easily, you probably have a small and close circle of friends that you will keep for life.

Compatibility between Cancer and Cancer

If you work together, you will create a “family member” in the office. (And yes, it will be a test of loyalty in secret).

Impress the other part of the courtship ritual.

Although it is great to feel so safe together, the comfort has limits. If you engage too much in that blanket of security, you asfixiarás.

The relationship between the signs of water can become a dynamic father-son (with talks baby and nicknames embriagadoramente cheesy) and an indulgence to self-defeating in relaxing activities, such as food, drink and shopping.

You can get too deep in your feelings, triggering a tsunami of emotions that, if you're not careful, you can become anger, and even abuse. If not controlled, strong emotions can overcome or get out of control. Although the water can be calm and beautiful, you can cause major damage.

To avoid creating a hurricane, both should consult a therapist or a friend expert before his anger, resentment or jealousy on the other.

Cancer is a cardinal sign

In astrology, both of which belong to the cardinal type. Therefore, the people of the sign of the cardinal does have a sense of leadership, they are stubborn and like to be the first.

In this marriage for love, you'll always have that commit. However, they can crash, get annoyed and open a gap in their relationship.


However, when you respect the leadership and the strength of the other, may be a couple fascinating and powerful that it can conquer the world or build an empire together. Birthdays, holidays, and other occasions must not be missing in couples who have a cardinal sign.

Are major life events, and they should be big with the appropriate gifts. Your sign can be sophisticated and search for the status of the project: I like to dress well and to call the attention (and yes, even the envy of his friends) as a couple with style.

Plan turn-based new experiences and sorpréndanse each other with a reserve or a vacation carefully chosen. For this reason, to minimize the discussions, one of you must take care always.

Or to create a joint project that takes advantage of their different strengths and allow each one to shine by himself, but not to compete.

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