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Compatibility of signs Cancer and Aquarius

Where are supported

There is a lot to learn from others ... If you don't overcome the initial discomfort too fast. Cancer teaches you to Tank the power of intimacy and the hidden pleasure of focusing on one person (and only one) person at a time.

The popular Aquarium can help to alleviate the social anxiety of Cancer, and this will help Aquarius to enjoy the kitchen and to receive guests at home.

cancer 1

Parenting may be the common denominator that leverages the strengths of both members of the couple and strengthens their bond.

However, the style kind and caring of Cancer and in the eternal youth of Aquarius can convert the family life in an adventure emotional to write together in a creative way.

Where you clash

O strange! They are not exactly opposites ... fascinates You find someone outside of your comfort zone. The frank and dynamic Aquarius is like a mystery science fiction for the shy and traditional Cancer, who prefers to lie on the sofa and read a classic novel to go to one of the sublime local Aquarium.

In this confrontation, it is likely that you spend more time apart than together. Because they both love the personal space, if the Tank could earn the trust of the Cancer -it is not easy!, it might work.

Cancer is water and Aquarius is air

When you combine an air sign talker with a water sign is sensitive, the mind and the heart may be combined or crashing.

The temperaments of these two elements are very different. The air signs like to change, the variety and novelty, while the water signs sentimental seek security, comfort, and nostalgia.

One of you appreciates what's new, the other values of the old. You must learn to appreciate this much of a difference. Otherwise, soon you will feel that they have nothing in common.

Behavior of Cancer and Aquarius

In contrast, the Air signs have never met a stranger, and you have constantly to be their best friends. The water signs may feel jealous or threatened by all this new people, whereas the air signs feel suffocated and bored by the same faces as always.

The strength of this party is an opportunity for growth. As the Water signs can be a little too “caught up in your own feelings,” a couple more calm and rational an Air sign, you can teach the power of detachment. Therefore, a Water Sign, you will learn to not take things to heart, to laugh at yourself and relax.

love 7

However, the Water Signs can teach you about the Air Signs simple dig into your interior without being too superficial or turn everything into a joke.

The water signs can create a home beautiful and inviting, while the air signs can fill it with guests interesting, music, and art.

In addition, both elements can be “vultures of culture”, teaming up to watch documentaries, singing karaoke (both can have an encyclopedic knowledge of the letter), or even travel.

Cancer is cardinal and Aquarius is fixed

Do you like to be in control and have a plan, or do you like to get carried away by the current? Both the role of cardinal as the fixed-they have their own “power of command”.

The cardinal signs like to lead and initiate, which is fine provided that it does not invade the territory of the fixed sign. The nature of the energy fixed is to stay firm and resist change unless it is really necessary.

aquarius 2

While the fixed signs are fixed, cardinal signs are more prone to change, while his own stubbornness! The cardinal signs can bring many new ideas or, worse, try to “improve” on the ideas of the sign is fixed by means of unsolicited criticism.

This type of feedback, even if they are well-intentioned, can be threatening to the ego of the Fixed Sign and lead to a serious battle of egos. If the Sign is Fixed tries to do the same, week after week, the Fixed Sign will seem “boring” to the Cardinal Sign.

In this marriage for love, the Fixed Sign will be more open to what is “fashion” that tried it. The more traditional approach of romance adopted by the Fixed Sign may seem uncomfortable or embarrassing for the Cardinal Sign of more demanding.

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