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Compatibility of signs, Aries, and Pisces

Where are supported

A trip is totally spiritual! Aries rules the brain and Pisces imagination.

When the two come together in their minds, the magic is manifested in reality. Whether to renovate a home together, starting a business or planning a catamaran trip around the world, the dreams the two become reality in a fun way, and soon!.

aries 1

And fast! Aries initiates the project and Pisces has the patience to carry it out, but they work well together.

Where you clash

Both are prone to melancholy, and if it occurs on the same day, there will be problems. Aries can support Pisces with inspiring words, while Pisces takes chicken soup to the soul of Aries.

So, the main difference is in the way they handle their differences. The primitive and proper Aries will be launched head first into the fight, while the passive Pisces will disappear at the first sign of conflict.

The Aries will have to control your anger because, otherwise, their favorite fish could walk away forever. Pisces must learn to deal with disagreements directly: the Aries can handle it.

Aries is a fire, Pisces is water

What too close for comfort? As a loving couple in astrology, the signs of Fire and Water can have very different needs. To achieve success as a couple, commitment is needed.

The water signs are calm and loving and they are prone to mood swings, so that they want to force the safety and comfort. On the contrary, the Fire signs can be aggressive, independent and tend to seek drawbacks to take risks.

The Water signs are nostalgic and tend to live in the past (good or perceived as too bad), while Fire signs are pioneers and are more enthusiastic about creating your own future.

The commitment

To achieve success in the couple, it is necessary to compromise.

How, then, can co-exist happily, a traditionalist, a water sign, and an adventurer of a fire sign?

The fire signs will have to enter in the world of visits to the family, stay home, go back to the same vacation spots and socialize with a small group of friends of water signs ... Even if you feel limited or stuck.

To change, the signs of water will have to embrace the adventure, travel, meet new people (you to be social when you do so!) take risks and change from time to time their comfortable routine.

Parents can be a big problem, as the partner of a Water sign often approach submissively, while a Fire sign you can leave home at the age of 19 and not looking back.

love 10

In nature, water can extinguish a fire, may contain a forest fire raging (good) or you can turn off flame (not so good).

The fire can warm the cold water, but you can also make it boil and smoke. Too much fire can cause water to evaporate, like a fire sign too dominant you can make a water sign to be less aggressive to “disappear” in a relationship.

Aries is a cardinal and Pisces is inconsistent

In astrology, the “qualities” or “trilling” reveal the role that you play in a relationship or partner. Are you the initiator, the executor or the finalizer? Do you like to be in control and have a plan, or do you like to relax? In astrology, both of which belong to the cardinal type or triune.

The cardinal signs are initiators, because they like to lead, direct and manage. Therefore, in most cases, this should signs are variable and flexible, they have difficulties in making decisions, and they appreciate a little extra help.

This also is a good example. But when the Cardinal sign becomes too stiff or elitist, then the sign-Changing can be nervous.

The cardinal signs

The cardinal signs have refined tastes, because they have a sense of entitlement, which helps them to resort to the good things and the experiences of first-class.

But the signs are unstable that you will make friends from all over the world, from the couriers to the presidents of the companies, they can seem a little snobs or search status. The cardinal signs will have to be more realistic, less judgmental and stop trying to replace their partners changeable.


Will have to be more realistic and less critical. The changeable sign must consult the cardinal sign before extending invitations to casual events or invite strangers to dinner.

Make gifts can be a complicated task in this marriage for love: the cardinal knows exactly what you like, and can be very hard to please.
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