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Compatibility of signs, Aries and Leo

Where are supported

Deployed on the red carpet, attracting the attention of the paparazzi. Your combo has the quality of a celebrity that makes them a couple notable. Their combination has the quality of a celebrity that makes them a couple second to none.

Although the two are a little self-centered and bossy sometimes, finally you have found someone that can handle your tireless energy. Both crave the public attention and praise.

Both crave the public attention and praise. While not competing for the same role, is an encounter warm and energetic.

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Where you clash

Problems can arise when the children arrive. The always young Leo plays in the sandbox, forgetting that Aries also needs pampering. The style of parenting rough Aries can offend the kind I read, that you think painting with your fingers is also an art.

And the advice that I give come from the heart. Thanks to your rivalry, both of you will become stronger, richer, quicker, and more motivated.

Aries and Leo are fire signs

¡Be warmed! Your sun signs are both elements of fire. This combination exothermic can go from zero to soul mate in a matter of seconds, because it will you recognize your soul mate in this couple of love compatible with the zodiac. However, when your lust is turned on quickly, can get out of control ... Or that become red hot. Your temperament can be so ardent, so that when you surf on the sheets, their fights can be legendary.

Remember: the civilization began when humans learnt how to create, maintain and control the fire. Cooking our food, keeping us warm and fed it all. But by its very nature, the fire does not want to be controlled, and the elephant in the fire either. The relationship must accommodate the individuality, the exploration and autonomy within safe limits. The assumption and the maintenance of the commitments should be approached with caution in order not to lose the spark or turning off the flame.

Aries and Leo in astrology

In astrology there are four elements: fire, earth, air and water. Each one of them plays an important role in the human group. A loving relationship with someone of the same element astrological provides a familiar comfort. Finally, you don't have to give so many explanations. They all operate at a similar pace up to a certain point. Although this is wonderful, it can also be “too much of a good thing” and you can make your relationship feel like a song that is repeated. In the end, the differences can be a good challenge because you do move forward to the two.


As a couple with the same elements, you may have to make a conscious effort to avoid staying stuck in the routine, or even a competitive dynamic. Spend time with a friend, colleague, or family member of the other element can provide a more energy-balanced.

For example, an earth sign that is connected to earth can help two fire signs hot to be clear before you go. An air sign goal reminds you to take a step back from the intense emotions and reactions sudden. And a water sign is sensitive can help you to tune into your nostalgic side instead of masking their feelings.

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Aries is Cardinal, Leo is fixed

In astrology, the “qualities” or the “trinity” reveal the role that you play in a relationship or partner. Are you the initiator, the director or the finalizer? Do you like to lead and have a plan in place or is carried away by the current?

In astrology, both cardinal signs as fixed are in themselves “responsible”. The cardinal signs like to lead and initiate, which is fine provided that it does not invade the territory of the fixed sign. The energy is still intrinsically rigid and resist change unless it is really necessary.

While the fixed signs are fixed, the cardinal are more changeable, while his own stubbornness! The cardinal signs can enter too. The Cardinal Signs may introduce too many new ideas, or worse, try to “improve” on the ideas of the Sign is Fixed by means of unsolicited criticism.

This feedback, however well intentioned, can be threatening to the ego of the Fixed Sign and lead to a serious battle of egos.

When the Cardinal Sign get a reservation at a new and popular restaurant, resort, club, or event, the Fixed Sign would do well to pack and go.

Therefore, the Cardinal Sign should be kind to the mothers and bistros, bars karaoke favorites, or have a meal in with the family of Fixed Sign. However, the romantic approach to more traditional Fixed Sign you can look awkward or rude to the cunning Cardinal.

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