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Compatibility signs Virgo and Scorpio

Where are supported

The triggers are intertwined! Virgo and Pisces are caring, spiritual, and are fascinated by the small details of life. Although their signs are more closed, will enjoy discovering its internal activities.

Both try to maintain a pace that is comfortable for the other ... Neither too fast nor too slow. Communication and friendship are the foundation of your relationship.

Although not attracted to one another, there is a sweet stability in your partner that it is her own brand. Instead of worrying about when to call or send a text message the other person, you can focus your energy on creating a meaningful life together.


Your house will be converted into a comfortable camp for your different interests, and you'll live with ease. The gastronomy is a strong point for you as a couple. If you decide to have children.

Where you clash

How obsessed with the warnings? They are two of the signs of the more analytical of the zodiac. Although you are not aware of one another, both may have a bad tunnel vision when life is bad.

In the end, they could end up being the therapist of the other, that will test their relationship. If you do not mark their territory, their shared need of control could become a power struggle. If one of you wants to leave the dishes clean or shower impeccable, it is up to you.

In most cases, it is a harmonious combination of the two energies compatible. Both the signs of the Earth as the Water looking for comfort, security and consistency.

The two os gives this very well. This relationship may start already in the primary school or in the university and continue into adulthood. It is easy to catch a pace that's comfortable, especially when you live together.

Your home can become a welcoming space, a center for the family and friends spend a lifetime. Parenting can also be an area in which they shine together.

The earth signs must learn to respect the instincts of the water signs, even though they appear to be contrary to the sensitivity and logic.

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Behavior between Virgo and Scorpio

There are, of course, differences. The water is of sensual nature, while the earth is more down to earth and practical. The water signs can begin their sentences with “I feel”, while the earth signs can better respond to the statements that begin with “I think”.

The feelings of the sign of the earth seem to be random and hard to follow: if problems arise in a relationship, the pair of linear a sign of land you want to go straight to the point to be able to solve the problem. Unfortunately, the signs of water intuitives do not work as well.

They have to address things more indirectly, starting with your emotions and your intuition, that water is the most reliable. The earth signs must learn to respect the instincts of the water signs, even though they appear the opposite of sensitive and logical.

On the contrary, a Water sign you may want to release these emotions with a therapist, or a compassionate friend, instead of with a couple of the Earth sign.

Once a person has the sign of water has identified the root cause of what is concerned, it is able to present it to the person of earth sign of a less emotional.

The result: the Water Sign, you will find a partner passionate for the resolution of problems, in place of a person on the defensive or that disparages, which dictate when it is most vulnerable.

Earth sign and water sign

The earth sign may seem distant, or too confident, showing a hard love when the water sign feels sensitive.


The water signs can become sticky and overly dependent, forming a sort of father-child relationship. Try not to fall into these roles so well known, which can be easy.

It is also possible that you stay stuck doing the same things or that you are afraid to change things together. It can be helpful to bring a friend, colleague, or family member that is a sign of fire or air.

It may even be a son of the Fire sign or Air together. Instead of treating them as misfits of the family, allow them to bring new ideas to the family and respect their greater need for independence.

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