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Compatibility of signs Taurus and Leo

Where are supported

Leo, the lover of luxury, and Taurus, a sensual, know how to enjoy the good life together. So, they both have a presence larger than life that draws attention to them.

When you walk into a room, people turn their heads and want to get the most out of it. The family is in the air we both breathe, and together they can create a home full of life.


Leo fosters the creativity of children, while Taurus establishes the structure, plans and rules. Although Leo is usually earn more, spend that money to Taurus, which is the best budget two.

Where you clash

It is a combination face and this hard game could be quite expensive for both, but strong will, what they will find each other attractive mockery?

But when the ego of the Leo is with the stubbornness of Taurus, the battle would be epic. Both need to learn to say “Friend!”, or your sparks may ignite the home of the legends.

There is never a dull moment between the two, which is more suitable for the Leo addicted to the adrenaline that's for Taurus relaxed.

Taurus is earth, Leo is fire

Treat with care. This combination of astrological loving so different you can thrive if you use your strong points to their favor. The earth signs seek stability and you want to cast roots.

On the contrary, the Fire signs adventurers are eager to explore, develop and venture into new territories.

When one of you strives for freedom and the other for the immutability, there will be discussions.

The Fire sign will feel trapped in the illusion of the white fence, while the sign of Earth can never break off from the constant change and surprise.

When one of you struggle for freedom and the other longs for permanence, can arise a battle. But if you learn to appreciate your differences, you'll be able to offer what the other lacks.

love 1

The Fire signs secular will have a base of operations predictable to which to return, cared for with affection for his partner to be a sign of Earth. To change, the Earth signs will prevent the stagnation, while Fire signs will encourage growth and adaptation.

The earth signs are sensual and practical, and impulsive fire signs can take advantage of its closeness to the earth. In this sense, the Fire signs can learn to slow down and enjoy the moment, instead of rushing after the next big thing.

Fire signs can help the earth signs get more out of life. Think of the nature: dust can drown the fire, and the fire can burn the earth. But to light a fire and to increase your creative power, you must have a solid base under the flame.

Taurus and Leo are fixed signs

In astrology, the “qualities” or “trios” reveal the role that you play in a relationship or partner. Are you the initiator, the executor or the finalizer? Do you like to take charge and have a plan, or prefer to go with the flow?

As fixed roles, are the guardians of their “territory”. You like to plant flags, build your base and build an empire from there. If both have a common agenda, can be a duo indefatigable: hello, power couple! But if they fight for different causes, things can sour quickly.

Both will stand firm and will defend their territory with tenacity. When they argue with each other, can be a never ending war of accusations and convictions in which you defend your point of view only to protect their egos.

It is best to channel this momentum towards the creation of a common heritage: running a business together, but best to form a family, to organize all of the festivities.


As the fixed signs are a traditional side, both can enjoy meeting all of them in their manor house for a summer barbecue or a feast of the end of the year.

Just be careful not to be so set in stone and continue with the same things year after year. The fixed signs can be allergic to change, so that as a couple they have to be active in bringing new experiences to their world to prevent the stagnation.

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