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Compatibility signs Libra and Pisces

Where are supported

The two are romantic hardcore, waiting to see the infamous prince or princess, that conquer. At first, it seems that they have finally found that on the other.

When the bottle is opened, their hearts beat with her, exchanging vivid (and dramatically tragically) life histories and forgotten dreams awakened in the brightness of solidarity of a “safe space” created together.



Their love story has a plot magic that deserves to be covered by the television. If you stop questioning your relationship and you're taking a day-to-day, do not you asustaréis the one to the other.

Find another person to fill in the gaps real for you: this is the type of relationship that you need coaching to keep you on track!

Where you clash

Although they may build castles in the clouds with words, both are dreamers, not doers. It is possible that their conversations inspirational never become anything in particular, which is a problem for both.

Libra is notoriously indecisive: how can you be really sure that you've found the right person? Pisces tends to swing: you prefer to swim away to become entangled in the network of another person.

Although the role is to engage with each other, it's hard to feel 100% safe with the other. It is possible that this complicated story does not come to the ceremony of the “Last Rosary”.

Libra is air, and Pisces is water

When you combine an air sign talker with a water sign is sensitive, the mind and the heart to combine or collide. The temperaments of these two elements are different.

The air signs like to change, the variety and novelty, while the water signs sentimental seek security, comfort, and nostalgia. One of you is interested in the new things, the other appreciates the things of old. You must learn to appreciate this much of a difference.

Otherwise, soon you will feel that they have nothing in common.

On the contrary, the Air signs have never met a stranger, and you have constantly to your last best friend. The water signs may feel jealous or threatened by all this new people, whereas the air signs can feel suffocated and bored to see the same faces as always.

Behavior between Libra and Pisces

Commitment is the key. Couples signs of water should be more open to new people and experiences, and be carried away by the current. The air signs will have to embrace the tradition and to develop a greater emotional sensitivity.

The benefit of this match is the opportunity for growth. As the Water signs can be too emotional, a couple of Air signs more calm and rational, you can teach the power of detachment.

love 1

The water signs, you will learn to worry less about things, to laugh at themselves and to relax. In exchange, the Water Sign may teach the Sign of the Air means to deepen without being too superficial or turn everything into a joke.

Libra is all heart, Pisces is versatile

Do you like to be in control and have a plan, or prefer to go with the flow?

In most cases, this is compatible with the signs of the zodiac versatile and flexible. That's why they decide to take decisions in this time of the year.

But the signs changeable, may feel uncomfortable when the cardinal signs become too rigid or elitist. The cardinal signs have a sense of taste and the right very developed, which helps them to resort to the good things and the experiences of first-class.

However, they can be a little snobs or search for the status when it comes to signs that you will make friends from all over the world, from the couriers to the presidents of the companies.

The cardinal signs sometimes have to be more realistic, less critical and stop trying to replace their peers. People with signs of non-permanent must consult the Cardinal Sign before you meet in random events or invite strangers to dinner.


Make gifts can be a difficult task in this type of marriage for love: the cardinal knows exactly what you like and can be very difficult to please.

The couple between Libra and Pisces

A couple in a state of agitation should receive a list of wishes well in advance of a birthday, or a party. Gifts can be an arduous task in this type of marriage for love: the cardinal knows exactly what you like and can be very difficult to please.

There is a list of wishes to the couple capricious before a birthday, or a party. Gifts can be an arduous task in this type of marriage for love: the cardinal knows exactly what you like and can be very difficult to please.

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