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Compatibility signs Leo and Pisces

Where are supported

A duo dramatic. Leo is a fire sign, aggressive and energetic who loves to be the center of attention.

Pisces is a water sign closed and attentive that likes to do wonders behind the scenes. As a couple you yield well in a natural way, but both of you are extremely bossy.

Make sure that you have your own sphere to lead: the Leo is the director, the Pisces the producer, but here you are equal partners ... What master? Both are creative, romantic and very imaginative.


This could work well for you as a couple, always find a constructive channel through which to channel their energies combined.

Think big: build empires, created numerous families, conducts missions to charities around the world.

Where you clash

If the relationship becomes a lightning rod for his tornado emotional, that conflict will send both of them to a mental institution.

A certain spiritual evolution is a prerequisite for success, so do the inner work before you get to the altar.

Once the two of you have read the stack of self-help books (and maybe even have spent some time with a great therapist), your relationship can become a love boat dream that docking permanently in paradise.

Leo is fire and Scorpio is water

What too close for comfort? As a couple in astrology, a Fire sign and a Water sign may have very different needs. To achieve success as a couple, commitment is needed.

The water signs are calm and loving and they are prone to mood swings. Therefore, they want to force the safety and comfort. On the contrary, the Fire signs can be aggressive, independent, and often seek drawbacks to take risks.

The Water signs are nostalgic and tend to live in the past (good or perceived as too bad), while Fire signs are pioneers and are more enthusiastic about creating your own future.

How, then, can co-exist happily, a traditional sign of water and an adventurous fire sign?

Behavior of Leo and Pisces

To change, the signs of water will have to embrace the adventure, travel, meet new people (and to be social when you do so!) ), to take risks and change from time to time their comfortable routine.

love 2

Parents can be a huge point of conflict, as couples sign of Water tend to be submissive with them, while the people of Fire sign, you can leave home at 18 years of age and not look back.

Therefore, in nature, water can put out the fire, can contain a forest fire raging (good) or you can turn off flame (not so good).

Too much fire can cause water to evaporate, like a fire sign too dominant you can make a water sign to be less aggressive to “disappear” in a relationship.

In addition, it is a combination of fascinating and complex that it defies explanation: the odd couple original.

Leo is a fixed, Pisces is variable

Thus, the fixed signs crave stability, to the changing't like change. The commitment is the key to not going crazy, therefore, fixed sign of this relationship likes to take decisions or make plans and stick to them.


In contrast, the sign is always changing is changing things: adding a guest, adding an appointment to take a coffee to your day, starting up a project before the end of the 55 that you already have.

When a sign is mutable and a fixed sign, are paired to make use of their strengths, the fixed sign you can create a solid structure to protect the creative plans of the sign is mutable.

Finally, the signs variables and adaptable to help with the signs fixed to be less rigid, relax and go with the flow. However, to achieve the long-term success, they will have to work more, to maintain your commitments, meet deadlines and be consistent.

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