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Compatibility of signs Gemini and Scorpio

Where are supported

¡Intriguing! Oh Drama! It's intense! Despite the 20,000 questions that they have, none is in a hurry to give an answer. When the brain of Gemini is found with the detective Scorpio, develop the adventures of the agent Reacher.

Immediately, you begin to look for clues, for most couples, this will be a grueling journey.

For Gemini and Scorpio, is an aphrodisiac in total. As they tease each other with a game of cat and mouse, releasing expectations and then grabbing ... The atmosphere is heated.


Where you clash

The preparation is usually the best part of this game, so do not stop playing once you've closed the deal. A Scorpio personality prefers the intensity behind closed doors, while a Gemini is a smart and reveller without complex that you need to see a couple of the hand on the stage.

This can give rise to painful jealousy and trust issues in Scorpio, making the Twins are close. Scorpio ... don't close your sensuality just because you're “committed” (or as a reward for flirting with your twin).

Gemini, creates hobbies entertained at home and enjoy domestic happiness to your air while Scorpio lies on the sofa.

Gemini is air and Scorpio is water

When you combine an air sign talker with a water sign is sensitive, the mind and the heart to combine or collide. The temperaments of these two elements are different.

The air signs will like the changes, the variety and novelty, while the water signs sentimental seek security, comfort, and nostalgia.

One of you is interested in what is new, while the other appreciates old. You must learn to appreciate this much of a difference. Otherwise, soon you will feel that they have nothing in common.

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It is possible that you have to change your social habits to work.

The water signs are not easy to trust, and they tend to work with a narrow circle of people, many of whom have known each other since childhood.

On the contrary, the air signs have never met a stranger, and you have constantly to your last best friend. The water signs may feel jealous or threatened by all this new people, and the air signs feel suffocated and bored by meeting the same faces as always.

Commitment is the key. You may have to change their social habits to work. Couples signs of water should be more open to new people and experiences, and be carried away by the current.

Behavior between Gemini and Scorpio

The air signs will have to embrace the traditions and develop a greater emotional sensitivity.

The benefit of this match is the opportunity for growth. The fact that a person of sign of Water can be too emotional, a couple of Air sign, the more cold and rational, can teach you the power of detachment.

The water signs, you will learn to worry less about things, to laugh at themselves and to relax. Therefore, the Water signs can teach you about the Air signs ordinary to delve into your interior without being too superficial or turn everything into a joke.

The water signs can create a home beautiful and cozy, and the air signs can enrich it with guests interesting, music, and art. Both elements can be “vultures of culture” and join forces for a documentary, sing in a karaoke bar (both can have an encyclopedic knowledge of the lyrics of the songs), or even travel.

Gemini is changeable, while Scorpio is fixed

The synchronization may be difficult to achieve in this marriage for love, can we make a plan here? The fixed signs crave stability, while the transients to love the changes.

The commitment is the key to not going crazy. Their lives will improve. Thus, the fixed signs of this relationship would you like to take decisions or make plans and implement them.


On the contrary, the changeable sign is always changing things: inviting to your guests, adding an appointment to take a coffee to your day, starting a new project before the end of the already begun.

When the couple mutable-fixed uses its strong points, the fixed sign you can create a solid structure to protect the creative plans of the sign is mutable.

Finally, the signs are flexible and adaptive help with the signs fixed to be less rigid, relax and go with the flow. To achieve long-term success, will struggle to deliver on their promises, be punctual and consistent.

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