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Compatibility signs Aries and Virgo

Where are supported

It is not the best idea, but ... That happens. Interestingly, the dance is often an activity for which you have a common hobby. So, I dress well and go to the dance studio! You can find a compromise solution using a ball-room.

With the help of an instructor of ballet or salsa, maybe you can come to an agreement. If you are able to follow the pace of the other and find out who rules the roost in every moment, this relationship is an exciting challenge that will keep them both on edge.

The two are clearly neurotic, and your jokes about all the problems of the planet could take you on a frequent target. Join in around a charitable cause frequent can become a force to be reckoned with.

Virgo is planning a fundraising charity and Aries get the media to cover the event. Voila! The visibility increases and both feel that they have done something important.

sign of the zodiac

Where you clash

This means that they can hate each other for the rest of the project. So that Aries has a tendency to start tasks and leave them unfinished. Virgo will automatically be in the role of martyr, will be in charge of Aries and will suffer in silence.

Aries is wasteful, and Virgo is a bit more greedy. Often there is trouble in paradise when used with different styles to build a home or a family.

Aries is Fire, and Virgo is Earth

Beware of the work! This combination loving astrological elements very different can thrive if you play with your strengths. The earth signs seek stability and you want to cast roots.

On the contrary, the Fire signs adventurers want to explore, develop and expand in new areas. When one of you seeks the freedom and the other for the stability, it can be a battle.

The fire signs are made to feel caught up in the fantasy of the white fence, while the earth signs will never be able to relax with the constant changes and surprises. But if you learn to appreciate your differences, you'll be able to provide what the other person is missing.

Aries, the sign of fire mundane, you will have a predictable basis to go to, cared for with affection for your partner Virgo, the earth sign. To change, the Earth signs will prevent the stagnation, while Fire signs will encourage growth and adaptation.

The Earth signs are sensual and practical, while Fire signs, impulsive, can benefit from their approach based on the earth. In this sense, the Fire signs can learn to slow down and enjoy the moment, instead of rushing to the next great thing.

The fire signs, therefore, can help the earth signs to take more risks in life. So think in the context of the nature: dust can drown the fire, and the fire can burn the earth. But in order for the fire to grow and increase your creative power, you must have a stable ground under the flames.


Aries is a cardinal and Virgo mutable

In most cases this is appropriate for signs of unstable, changing and flexible that they can have difficulty making decisions, for this reason, they would appreciate a little extra help.

But when the cardinal signs become too rigid or elitist, signs changing suffer. The cardinal signs have a strong sense of taste and to the right, so that, it helps them to orientate themselves to the finer things and the experiences with more class.

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However, they can be a little snobs or seekers of status when it comes to signs make friends all over. Sometimes, the cardinal signs need to be more realistic, less critical and, however, stop trying to conquer their peers.

Make gifts can be a complicated task in this couple of lovers, but the cardinal know exactly what they like and can be very difficult to please. The couple mutable should draw up a wish list long before the birthday or the holidays.

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