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Compatibility of signs, Aries, and Cancer

Where are supported

Cancer is the sign mother of the zodiac, as Aries is the baby.

This may be a relationship infinitely loving and, therefore, relentlessly demanding. The two of you are people temperamental, and this may intensify when you are together, but neither of the two see it as something bad.

You can keep the “real”; without surfaces false or claims debilitating. What a relief! Your competitive spirit shared os makes great motivators and leaders to each other.


Where you clash

There are challenges, but we can grow from them. Don't sleep on the laurels: if you provide enough emotional security (which is more difficult to an Aries to Cancer), you'll be a great partner and father to your children, extended family and pets.

Having a comfortable home is vital to your relationship. Given that you both need space, trying to establish offices of separate or different rooms for retreat when you need a “time for you” separately.

Aries is fire and Cancer is water

What too close for comfort? As a loving couple in astrology, the signs of Fire and Water can have very different needs. To achieve success as a couple, there must be a commitment.

The water signs are calm and loving; however, they are prone to volatile emotions. They want to force the safety and comfort.

aries 1

On the contrary, the fire signs can be aggressive, independent, and often seek inconveniences for the sake of the adventure. The water signs are nostalgic and tend to live in a past pink (or too stigmatized), while fire signs are pioneers and are more excited about the future we are creating.

In the end, their differences make both evolve and get out of their own experiences. How, then, can co-exist happily, the traditional sign of water and the adventurous fire sign?

The fire signs will need to enter in the world of visits to the family, a vacation home, to return to the same attractions holiday and therefore, spending time with a small group of friends of water signs of life ... Though you may feel confined or stuck.

To change, the signs of water will have to embrace the adventure, travel, meet new people (and to be social when you do so!), take risks and change from time to time in their comfortable habits. Parents can be a huge point of conflict, as couples sign of Water tend to be submissive to their partners, while Fire signs can leave their house at 18 years of age and not look back.

The nature of Aries and Cancer

In nature, water can put out the fire, to control a forest fire (good) or put out a fire raging (not so good). The fire can warm the cold water, but you can also do it to boil and melt.

Too much fire can cause water to evaporate, like a fire sign too dominant you can make a water sign to be less aggressive to “disappear” in the relationship.

love 7

Aries and Cancer are cardinal signs

The people of the sign of the cardinal does have a sense of leadership, they are stubborn and like to be the first. In this marriage for love, you always have to try to commit.

Otherwise, you may run into, get angry, and for this reason, opening a gap in their relationship. However, when you respect the leadership and the strength of the other, may be a couple fascinating and powerful that it can conquer the world or build an empire together.

Birthdays, holidays, and other occasions must not be missing in couples who have a cardinal sign. They are important events in the life, therefore, they should be big with the appropriate gifts.

Your sign can be sophisticated and search for the status of the project: I like to dress well and to call the attention (and yes, even the envy of his friends) as a couple with style. In a marriage of sign eminence, making a good impression is part of the courtship ritual.

Plan turn-based new experiences and sorpréndanse each other with a reserve or a vacation carefully chosen. To minimize the discussions, one of you must take care always. Or to create a joint project that takes advantage of their different strengths and allow each one to shine by himself, but not to compete.

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