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Compatibility of signs Scorpio and Scorpio

Where are supported

Your link is stronger than the glue Superglue! There is a sense of security indescribable in the embrace of your partner of Scorpio.

You don't have to pretend that you're happy here, admit your insecurities or hide your general contempt for the masses. You can be yourself, without explanations or questions.

As both have the ability to receive signals psychic, you have a connection almost telepathic without words. So that you can skip the whole courtship and go directly to study obsessively every inch of the skin of the other.


Then you spend the rest of the night awake until late, making nude photos and composing ironic but heartfelt ballads of love dedicated to the one to the other. It is so easy to be together, that soon will be installed in their homes.

Where you clash

Warning: keep doing the suitcases to your single life: you may want to rent an apartment before planning a third date!

When both agree 100% with everything they do, the children will disrupt the pace of your life and become the sole center of your union. Strive to achieve a greater balance in the couple.

Although Scorpio is capable of a celibacy durable, if it is “disconnected” for too long, it will sacrifice its vital energy main. Although it is great to feel so safe together, the comfort has limits.

Libra and Scorpio are water signs

You are entering in the abyss! Two water signs highly sensitive and perceptive, they can feel very comfortable with each other, and very quickly.

They can go out together to meet suddenly to the parents and to the family of the other and get their approval. For the water signs, home is everything.

love 10

The soul that seeks the solitude you need to withdraw to a private facility and intimate in the outside world. You could organise a holiday, rent a house on the beach where everyone can socialise, and take the children out of every corner.

A house with a watermark is likely to have comfortably furnished rooms and many pillows and blankets to spare. Your brand's nostalgic values family and tradition.

As it is not easy to rely on it, it is likely that you will have a small and close circle of friends that you will keep for life. If you are together in the business, you create a family atmosphere within the office.

Although it is great to feel so safe together, the comfort has its limits, if you engage too much, you asfixiarás.

The relationships under the water signs can become a dynamic father-daughter (complete with talks of baby and insults pretentious bad taste) and an indulgence to self-defeating in relaxing activities, such as food, drink and shopping.

You can get to get too deep in your feelings, triggering a tsunami of emotions that can turn into anger, and even violence if you're not careful.

If not controlled, strong emotions can build up or get out of control. Although the water can be calm and beautiful, you can cause major damage.

To avoid generating a hurricane, there is always that talking with a therapist or a friend before you download the anger, resentment, or jealousy in the other person.

Libra and Scorpio are fixed signs

In astrology, the “qualities” reveal the role that you play in a relationship or partner. Are you the initiator, the executor or the finalizer? Do you like to be in control and have a plan, or do you like to get carried away by the current? As a fixed role, you are the guardian of your “territory”.

You like to plant flags, build your base and build an empire from there. If both have a common agenda, can be a duo indefatigable: hello, power couple! But if they fight for different causes, things can sour quickly. Both will stand firm and will defend their territory with tenacity.


When they argue with each other, can be a never ending war of accusations and convictions in which you defend your point of view only to protect their egos.

It is best to channel this momentum towards the creation of a common heritage: running a business together, starting a family, to organize all of the festivities.

As the fixed signs are a traditional side, both can enjoy meeting all of them in their manor house for a summer barbecue or a feast of the end of the year.

Only be careful not to be so set in stone and continue with the same things year after year. The fixed signs can be allergic to change, so that as a couple they have to be active in bringing new experiences to their world to prevent the stagnation.

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